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Live Review: Blondebears return with the melting summer haze of 'Crystalline'

15 November 2017 | 11:48 am | Jackson Langford

Do you ever fall so deep into a song that all time and space around you disappears into obscurity? The song is so vivid and bright that it distorts your reality into one where nothing is wrong and the only things that matter are the vibrations from the beat pulsating through your body like blood. Give one listen to 'Crystalline', the latest hazy offering from BLONDEBEARS, and we can guarantee that you'll be under their spell in no time.

In just the right time for summer, 'Crystalline' is a heatwave of melodies causing you to melt right into each passing second. The nostalgia-inducing opening melody is enough to bring you back to a time where your current worries were non-existent, and the hypnotic, delightfully droll vocals will make you start to sweat.

As the dark, spitfire rap crashes in at around the 2 minute mark, you're woken up abruptly from your fever dream into alertness. However, backed with the melting melodies and hazy vocals, it's still subdued enough to keep the euphoria going even if just for a minute longer.

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A testament to the Blondebears duo is that the song is entirely self-produced by members Stiles and Morales, yet somehow still sounds larger than life. Clearly not adhering to any restrictions, the song never stops growing. It's incessantly vivid as it melts further into your skin and your brain - until Blondebears finally have you under their spell, not that you'd want it any other way.