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Live Review: Biig Piig delivers vibrant emotion in her two new singles 'Oh No' and 'Liahr'

26 October 2020 | 2:20 pm | Claudia Fallon

Biig Piig has been capturing the attention of listeners with her two new singles, leaving an emotional imprint through beautifully hazy introspection.

22-year-old West London based artist Biig Piig has been capturing the attention of listeners with her transcendent music, leaving an emotional imprint through beautifully hazy introspection. Following a string of singles and a debut EP, this soul touching enigma has released two new singles ‘Oh No’ and ‘Liahr’ that dance along the fringes of calm and clarity with subdued beats and delicate melodies. This relative newcomer who emerged on the scene in 2017 is definitely one to watch as she embraces the obscurities of her existence in the most evocative and emotional of ways.

Her first single 'Oh No' is a beautiful reflection of neo-soul that dotes on a subtle but impressionable beat. Feeling like emotional escapism, Biig Piig's gentle vocals are lulling with self-exploratory lyricism that shifts the sentiment of the song between sorrow and catharsis. With mellifluous melodies that reach evocative depths, we hear her unique interpretation of the anxieties that cause one to completely withdraw. Hitting the sweet spots with her angelic vocals, the imagery of the song begins to show a striking portrayal of one's inner demons and how to cope with them. Through the combination of delicate strings, moody guitars, dark yet effervescent sounds, and forthright lyricism, it's clear Biig Piig finds some form of freedom as she digs deep into the emotional depths of her life. Living in a world that has already forced widespread withdrawal, 'Oh No' explores the ways in which anxiety, paranoia, and dark emotions cause one to cave in and completely isolate themselves from the world.

Talking about the personal meaning behind the track Biig Piig said, “The safest place to be was my room – when I get paranoid or anxious or upset, hiding away felt like the easiest thing to do. Which is mad, because then quarantine happened and that literally was the safest place to be.‘Oh No’ is about being sad but also lockdown, unintentionally.”

Her next single 'Liahr' has a soulful tendency that is contrasted by liberating hip-hop, which is a recurrent theme in Biig Piig's music. Beginning with mellow guitars, the song quickly progresses into fast yet gentle beats with a soft layer of vocals that verge on smooth rap verses. Delving into her unique hip-hop/neo-soul genre, the music finds new depths as deep emotion creeps through the melodies. Adding dim-lit electronic beats, 'Liahr' becomes a chilled spaced out tune that finds a way to embrace the difficulties in a very confusing world. Glimmering with mournful energy the lyricism sketches dark images of love, where getting close to someone becomes a repetitive cycle of hurt and regret. Biig Piig has a knack for exploring the nuances of life in all its darkness and all its glory. Finding a way to always resonate with audiences, she highlights the troubles that can arise in relationships as she still grapples with the prospect of love.

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Reflecting on relationships Biig Piig said about her new single, “’Liahr’ is about not trusting myself in recent relationships. I feel I’ve been running into things headfirst and believing myself when I say I’m all in, but then falling out of it as quickly as I fall into it. ‘Liahr’ is basically a one-to-one with me about how I need to chill and stop hurting myself and others ‘cause of goddamn trauma.”

Effortlessly evoking emotion that can be physically felt through her music, Biig Piig is an artist that has a unique way of expressing her journey through life's ups and downs. Both swirling, airy, and atmospheric, 'Oh No' and 'Liahr' are touching explorations of personal experience that audiences of all ages can relate to. With millions of streams and a growing following base, it's quite obvious Biig Piig is going to bring much more music to our ears, with her self conscious and empowering anthems.


Image: Biig Piig Facebook