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Live Review: LISTEN: Bicep 'NRG106'

2 May 2014 | 2:00 pm | Lauren Payne

British production duo Bicep have released the b-side to their new two-track single.

British production duo BICEP have been on a roll with their releases recently. After collaborating on a track with SIMIAN MOBILE DISCO last year, we've seen BICEP rise with their list of great remixes of tracks like DISCLOSURES' 'You & Me' and of course their own great original material.

Speaking of which, the duo have comprised a new single set for release in May and they have shared the single's B-side first. The new release, titled 'Circles', will be out as a 12" and the b-side, 'NRG106' has been posted on SoundCloud for our listening pleasure.

BICEP have a knack for blending together nostalgic techno sounds with deep house synths and with 'NRG106' they've found a perfect balance of the two. With the British duo being more so surrounded by artists who tend to reach over to the house and electronica side of things, they bring out a fresh experience that not too many artists can master. There is only a handful that can pull of techno this well.

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'NRG106' has a plethora of snare synths that assist the song's slow build. With fats-paced percussion and smooth sounds that slide underneath the beat, 'NRG106' takes it's time reaching it's climax and the entire track sounds very relaxed whilst still having club elements. This track could be played either at a chilled sunday session or in a crowded club, either space would make 'NRG106' shine.

The 7-minute long track keeps you drawn in through its duration making not want to deviate from it at all. BICEP keep you listening and that's probably why we love them so much.

Circles will be released in Australia on May 19 through Aus Music.

Words by Lauren Payne