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Live Review: Benson teams up with Rromarin to search for a 'Resolution'

5 December 2017 | 5:12 pm | Holly O'Neill

Melbourne producer BENSON has tapped into something special with his feel good dance tracks. His four to the floor beats and choice collaborations always make for winning house bangers. However, when he chooses to go to the deep'n'dark side, pulling out more emotional but still hard hitting material, the tracks are just as good as the brighter stuff. His new track, 'Resolution', out through his own label Medium Rare, sees him teaming up with fellow Melbournian, RROMARIN. Together they make the perfect duo with an intense deep house track that's bound to get you bopping.

Fluttering arpeggios, deep clubby percussion and the huge scope of this track really set it apart from traditional house tunes, with classic piano chords grounding this track in the genre. Moving from his feel good house style to more brooding territory, he still keeps that familiar bounce with a welcome four to the floor kick in the build ups and breakdowns. In the verses, he drops the pounding beat to build a bit of tension and let the emotional weight of the lyrics really hit.

The driving production is lead by Rromarin's breathy vocals, with a delivery that's subdued yet commands attention. Her unique vocals seem to fit over any genre, which is proven by how equally at home her voice feels among Benson's housey production as it does in her other dance and electronica collaborations. Singing about making up with a lover, her wistful delivery lands, making for a cathartic sing along backed with euphoric bass.

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Intoxicating bass pushes the chorus along and gets you moving, with it's syncopated hits playing against the cadence of the vocals. Punctuated with little hints of melodies and warped risers, the production has plenty of special touches to keep it interesting over repeated chords. The track is layered with many corresponding synths and percussive sounds to create a huge experience, with every element drenched in a hefty amount of reverb to make it feel like you're at festival in your headphones.

Benson's 'Resolution' featuring Rromarin is now available on whichever music streaming/purchasing service your heart desires right here.