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Live Review: Bella Ferraro is back again with her new enigmatic single 'Believe You'

2 November 2020 | 1:50 pm | Claudia Fallon

Bella Ferraro is back on our radars releasing her new synth-pop single 'Believe You' proving the singer-songwriter is fully realised and here to stay.

From bursting onto the scene in 2012, Bella Ferraro has proved to be an elusive artist who previously struggled to find her place in the music industry. After an almost decade hiatus, this Sydney-born and now UK based singer-songwriter has made a triumphant return in 2020 proving she is back and here to stay. Following the success of her hypnotic track 'Her' earlier this year which we were thrilled to premiere, she is back on our radars releasing her new synth-pop single, 'Believe You'. With a debut EP set for release early next year, Ferraro is making a huge comeback to the industry that she always belonged to.

Beginning with pulsating synthesized beats, 'Believe You' effortlessly blends pop sensibilities amidst enigmatic electronic sounds. Following on from her previous single 'Her', Bella maintains the same energy and synth-heavy touches in this new and enthralling release. Melding sounds of synth-driven dream-pop, you can't help but feel a touch of brooding darkness as the music paints a dark haze through low-frequency beats and deep bass. Remaining high energy and swirling with electronic touches, Ferraro creates pure tension through sound and emotionally driven vocals. Feeling hyper-charged and at times other-worldly, the music and lyricism tell a vivid tale of contention, suspicion, and doubt. Exploring the intimacies of her personal life and the fragility of relationships and friendship in recent releases, Bella is boldly sharing universally relatable experiences that audiences can resonate.

Singing about the instabilities of a 15-year friendship, Ferraro explains the meaning behind the song saying, “I was sitting in my shower, brooding over an upcoming trip to Japan with my best friend, and realising that I didn’t even want to go anymore. Strangely, from the minute we’d purchased our flights, the dynamics in our friendship began to shift. In the months leading up to our departure, it became very clear to me how much we were growing apart. In figuring out how to address my feelings with her, I ended up writing the bulk of ‘Believe You’ in that shower.”

With 'Believe You' being a predecessor to her forthcoming highly anticipated EP, out early 2021, we get a taste of what anthemic pop music is sure to come. Co-produced by Zepha and WCB, and mastered by Ben Feggans, 'Believe You' is a timely tune that is not only relatable but incredibly infectious. The single also comes with a hazy and effervescent lyric video that shows the artist singing in a dark, glittery, and euphoric setting. As we wait for more dreamy alternative pop music from this fully realised artist, it's clear the return of Bella Ferraro will be celebrated by listeners, critics, and music lovers far and wide.

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Image: Supplied