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Live Review: Bcharre offers up tense and aggressive techno with 'Amir La Shay'

31 August 2018 | 9:10 am | Emma Jones

Mixing industrial elements with a classic techno approach and maintaining such a precision of your vision is by no means an easy feat, but that's exactly what we have in Brisbane's BCHARRE's latest single. Having released a series of mixes on his Soundcloud over the past 12 months, Bcharre is now teaming up with grassroots electronic community and label POCKETMOTH for an official single, titled 'Amir La Shay'. Honing in on his influences gained from a recent trip to Berlin, Bcharre works to produce techno music that is brutal, honest and meticulous in its creation.

Dark and gripping, 'Amir La Shay' is propulsive and hypnotic. All at once, it grabs hold of you and never surrenders as Bcharre opts to not shy away from aggression or passion and instead builds a world around a brutality that can only come from being completely unafraid of honesty. As the vocal samples are added to the fray, 'Amir La Shay' picks up momentum until it threatens to completely break through, but such is the masterful skill of Bcharre that while the tension builds, release never really comes making for an anxious and emotive listening experience.

It's an impressive move from a Brisbane DJ and producer really only just getting started. As the Pocketmoth crew continue to build an open-minded community around them, it will directly allow for more creativity to flourish meaning (hopefully) there's plenty more where Bcharre and 'Amir La Shay' came from. Until then though, this will do us just fine.

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Words by Emma Jones