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Live Review: Basenji releases sweet and melodic new single, 'Don't Let Go'

29 August 2017 | 8:38 am | Camilla Patini

Two years after releasing his debut album, Trackpad, Sydney producer, BASENJI returns with a sweet and melodic new single, 'Don’t Let Go', with LA-based but Aussie-born songwriter MEREKI on the vocals.

Starting with a repetitive dreamy synth, the song gently draws us into its fairy-tale soundscape. Mereki’s sweet vocals seep in over a quiet beat, lending a warmth and intimacy which suits the song’s nostalgic and almost childlike sound perfectly. Soft synths provide extra texture, harnessing the dream-like vibes and laying a gentle bed of sounds, which eventually blooms into a more dance-y chorus. The feel-good, easy listening vibe and the uncomplicated joy of the lyrics masks a complex layering of beats and sounds which is a testament to BASENJI’s seamless production. Punchy samples of "hey hey" and the repeated use of the gentle synths add some bounce and energy to an otherwise gentle and melodic track. The chorus is followed by an expansive and quieter interlude, full of small sonic pleasures, some deep percussion and high-pitched, echoey vocals. 


'Don't Let Go' is much sweeter than anything Basenji has released before; somewhere between an emotional pop song and the more dance-y, melodic trance we are used to hearing from him. While the melody may fall flat for some, the way it conjures a fun and laid-back atmosphere is effective. There's more than enough here to keep you clamping your headphones to your ears in delight.

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