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Live Review: Baro takes a new direction with "Pretty"

20 April 2017 | 12:13 pm | Sonny Thomas

Melbourne hip hop royalty BARO has returned with a new single "Pretty"

Melbourne hip hop royalty BARO has returned with a new single in "Pretty". It's been a minute since we have heard from him, but he has returned with a new and powerful sound.

"Pretty" is almost closer to alt rock then it is rap. Impressively, he's produced it himself. It's carried by crunchy guitars and guitar solos, contrasting the laid back jazzy sound you might associate with Baro. However, it's really not completely divorced from his sound, and shows him further experimenting, unveiling more diversity in his sound much like his 2016 single "wdubi". Baro has always made it clear he likes guitar music with his side projects like Poncho. His last release with Remi, "Fuck the Judge," was equally as punchy. These days his live set is backed by Melbourne psych-pop-rock favourites Good Morning. Amongst all the highly produced music, sometimes it's nice to be reminded of the power of raw lyricism and guitar. Baro has always refrained from being boxed in by genre or expectation, and that is something I respect about him as an artist most.

Baro said of the new single, "I wrote this in summer of the beginning of '16 about a real girl about a month after I picked the guitar up. Doesn't really sound like a single but it's more than the concept of a single to me. As it is disguised as a love song, it revolves around insecurities and self-love issues when yearning for somebody."

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Baro released his break-through EP How Good Is Good in 2014 was followed by 17/18 in 2015, and are widely regarded as some of the most influential releases in Australian hip hop. They redefined people's expectation of what Australian hip hop could be. Despite his young age, Baro has always had an effortlessly cool and highly sophisticated flow. He is often recognised as one of Australia's best, and rightfully so. It is then, with much anticipation, that Baro shares this new single from his forthcoming EPJust Problems You Need To Know, due May 19.

Baro's Fuck the Judge tour kicks of next month:

3 June at the Foundry, Brisbane