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Live Review: Baro gets Nasty Mars and Marcus in on new single, ‘wdubi’

29 May 2016 | 12:11 pm | Aiden Benavides

Melbourne's BARO has just come out with his latest single 'wdubi' which stands for "What do you believe in?"

Melbourne's BARO has just come out with his latest single 'wdubi' which stands for "What do you believe in?"

'wdubi' is a feel good track, from the happy inflection of the raps and singing to the upbeat production, it sounds very similar to a song that Chance the Rapper would make, but the inflection of the singing and rapping on everyone featured on this track is smoother and has less rasp. Comparisons aside this track has heaps of good stuff to listen to in it's production and in it's vocals.

Speaking on the track’s conception, Baro says producer Nic Martin’s gospel beat drew him in immediately with him: “[He] asked if anybody was down to rap over this gospel beat and me and Mars were with it. 2 hours later it was complete with a Marcus verse. More childish and optimistic as opposed to the cathartic and emotional vibes Just Problems gives. mans fell in love.”

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Baro has a national tour lined up along with his follow up ep which will have 'wdubi' on it, keep your ears on the ground for more news.

Photo Credit: J.S.B