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Live Review: Baauer 'Clang'

2 July 2014 | 12:25 pm | Alean Penaflor

Baauer sheds the hard-hitting, EDM tag and takes on a more experimental approach to his newest track, 'Clang'.

Though likely to be forever more synonymous with 'Harlem Shake', Brooklyn's BAAUER is assuredly proving himself worthy of more than just that single, with his slew of remixes and production work following his worldwide hit and internet frenzy.

'Clang' is the newest original to come from BAAUER's Harry Rodrigues, and if this is one to take a hint from, perhaps the producer's taking a step away from the hard hitting, electro-trap sound that he's earned credentials for.

More on the experimental side of things, 'Clang' is ambient and dense in its synth work, instrumental sections and features samples from New Age musician Buedi Siebert's 'Body Percussion' (a transcript of a conversation between Rodrigues and Siebert briefly documents the process behind Siebert's work, which can be read HERE).

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Though the track still packs a punch with its bass-line, its bursts of eclectic sonic elements and thick production makes for an interesting and fresh listen from the producer. The track's dense introduction emanates a sense of foggy mystery, only to quickly disperse into a fragmented portion injected with bass and bright synth work. 'Clang' builds and alters in its tempo, serving more as a sonic journey/slow groover as opposed to frenetic dance-floor mover.

Words by Alean Penaflor