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Live Review: B Wise's 'The Key' is the perfect feel-good track

19 February 2018 | 11:18 am | Max Lewis

Western Sydney rapper B Wise's latest cut 'The Key' is flawlessly energetic blend of hip-hop and jazz that's sure to get you moving.

Everyone has their go-to 'pump-up' track they'll spin when they need a good pick-me-up. While my personal supply is a rotation of every track from Carly Rae Jepsen's Emotion, I may have found an alternative with B WISE's latest jam, 'The Key'.

Off the back of his darker, electronics heavy 'Feel Something' from late last year, 'The Key' shines with a buoyant mix of electronic production and jazzy instrumentation that is sure to get some pep in your step.

Produced by Uno Stereo (whom you may know from co-producing with Khalid), 'The Key' shows an evolution of B Wise's craft right out of gate. Bright trumpets dominate the track with a flawless hook, while some warm, reedy keys thicken up the verses. All the while the lower end booms with pounding bass, and the percussion is a blend of jazzy ride cymbals and tight, trap-esque hats and snare. It's a bold move, yet the blend of jazz instruments with hip-hop production goes off without a hitch, creating an energetic bop that doesn't skip a beat.

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'The Key' also sees B Wise pairing-back his songwriting, letting his rapping take somewhat back seat. His flow is impeccable, switching between spoken word and singing as he waxes poetic on our need for human connection. It's a different direction for B-Wise but it shows that he's just as good at creating a bop as he is a banger.

With some time as support for Future and Young Thug, as well as a 33 date tour with ThundamentalsB Wise is in for a massive year, and we can't to wait to see what he pulls out next.