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Live Review: Aywy mixes fire and Bollywood on his new mixtape, 'Kismet'

22 January 2018 | 10:22 am | Max Lewis

Sydney Producer aywy has just unleashed Kismet, a mammoth mixtape combining Bollywood and hip-hop in one tightly wound mixtape.

Producer AYWY is no stranger to Sydney's hip-hop scene. Gaining a following from his sample-heavy debut Broken Promises, he cemented himself as an expert of blending modern, western hip-hop styles with traditional Hindustani music - two unique sounds he combines with ease. With his new mixtape Kismetaywy has turned everything up to eleven, and created a monumental exploration of Hindustani culture and hip-hop.

From samples of dialogue from Bollywood films, Hindustani music and traditional instruments, Kismet is bursting at the seams with sounds and ideas. A testament to his immense skill, aywy somehow pulls it all together into a cohesive mix that never skips a beat. With tracks like 'dntkilmyvibe' he explores a more subdued sound, mixing that classic hook from Kendrick Lamar's 'Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe' with soft keys and languid percussion. 'Mile High' ft. ashvin explores a more old-school vibe, with a treble-boosted traditional flute sample guiding a pounding low-end and impeccable flow.

The mixtape dances back and forth between a myriad of styles and influences, yet never once feels bloated or indulgent. Kismet is clearly a labour of love, with aywy paying tribute to his culture and musical influences while adding his own personal twist. It's hard to describe how unique Kismet is, but if you can picture the grainy kung-fu movie samples from classic Wu-Tang Clan tracks, combined with the lo-fi, world-music heavy sound from Jai Paul's leaked mixtape, topped off with a dose of modern hip-hop, you'd be halfway there.

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Staggering in depth yet so refined in execution, aywy has outdone himself with KismetHere's hoping 2018 sees him get the recognition he deserves, because we envision big things for this talented producer in the future.