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Live Review: PREMIERE: Arthur Wimble returns with new emotional banger, 'I'll Pretend'

11 October 2018 | 12:27 pm | Emma Jones

Enigmatic producer ARTHUR WIMBLE is back with a brand new single today, and once again delivers a unique take on EDM with a serious emotional injection. Inspired by the likes of James Blake, Jai Paul and even Andy Bull, Wimble's music will make you dance, feel and even cry as he couples heartfelt lyrics with dynamic production, laying down steady grooves and combining it with atmospherics, heaving bass and crisp beats. His latest single, 'I'll Pretend', comes hot on the heels of his Hearts EP which was re-released on Kitsune, and his most recent single, 'Miss You, and it shows that the consistent and impressive evolution of Arthur Wimble continues to develop as this is one of his most impressive releases yet.

According to Wimble, 'I'll Pretend' is about "when you're wanting to commit to your love, but they are being ruthless with your heart and emotions and treating you like shit, throwing it in your face. You could treat them the same if you slumped to their level... but that's not your style.” Featuring his voice that has elements of influence from Justin Vernon or James BlakeWimble's falsetto hits all the right places as the cacophony of sounds whirls below him. It's controlled and deliberate, never running off too far in one direction as Wimble reigns it back in with precision, all the while never once losing out on the emotion in his vocals and his lyrics.

Refined and meticulous, Arthur Wimble has shown on 'I'll Pretend' that the genre-bending and boundary pushing work we came to love him for has just kept on growing. Hopefully there's plenty more where this one came from, but for now this will do us just fine!

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Words by Emma Jones