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Live Review: PREMIERE: Arona Mane taps Blessed for certified bop 'Alone Not Lonely'

18 June 2020 | 10:00 am | Emma Jones

It's been a minute since we've heard from revered Sydney producer Arona Mane, but his latest release has confirmed it was absolutely worth the wait. Premiering today on Purple Sneakers, he's tapped fellow Sydney-based prolific musician, producer and songwriter BLESSED for 'Alone Not Lonely', an easy, breezy bop we cannot get enough of.

Serving not only as a perfect example of how formidable both artists are in their own rights, 'Alone Not Lonely' is also a masterclass in collaboration, with Arona Mane and Blessed sharing the spotlight and playing off each other strengths. Blessed channels the likes of Khalid or Kid Cudi while Arona Mane holds it down on the hook and provides an infectious, dynamic beat to bring it all together. They might be from different creative worlds, but on this track they can't help but shine so brightly.

Mane has made a name for himself with a stacked list of achievements including international collabs, platinum-selling records and features on TV shows and international ad campaigns. He counts the likes of Diplo as a fan, and 'Alone Not Lonely' is all the proof you need as to why. The song is so effortlessly good, you can't help but find yourself head-bopping along within seconds of it kicking into gear.

Speaking of the collaboration, Arona Mane said, “I’ve worked with Blessed a number of times over the years & It’s always [fire] when we team up in the studio. As soon as I had finished this beat and played it back a couple times through my headphones I could already hear his tone & voice on it in my head. I sent him the idea and it was no surprise to me when he laced the demo and sent it back that it was exactly how I imagined it would sound - FRESH AF!”

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A celebration of realising even though you're on your own, you're not lonely, Arona Mane and Blessed have a 100% certified bop on their hands with this song. Here's hoping there's more where this came from. Listen below:

Words by Emma Jones

Image: Supplied