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Live Review: Arno Faraji paves the way for Australian rap on 'Thing's Change'

30 November 2018 | 9:30 am | Julie Fenwick

If Anderson .Paak and Kaytranada were to have a baby there's no doubt that it would come out screaming, 'FARAJI'. He's the next big thing in Australian rap.

If Anderson .Paak and Kaytranada were to have a baby there's no doubt that it would come out screaming, 'FARAJI'. Not only would this be an announcement of the next big name in rap, but the quick-fire birth would describe the current unfolding of ARNO FARAJI'S career.

At just 18-years-old the Perth-based, Zimbabwean born rapper has burst onto the music scene through a collection of collaborations, festival performances and awards. He was the first rapper to be crowned triple j's 2017 unearthed high winner - which in itself shows the prominent place rap has taken in Australian music - and he's also played alongside artists such as ANIME, OCEAN ALLEY and CONFIDENCE MAN at 2018 festivals, Groovin the Moo, BIGSOUND and Triple J's One Night Stand.

His latest release 'things change' is a thoughtful, multi-part track that depicts the power one has through their own choices. Faraji says of the release: "'thing's change' is about getting used to the idea that nothing is immune to change, even good relationships. I think accepting that it's part of life really puts the power in your hands cause you can react however you want knowing that."

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Faraji's multi-talented artistry can really be heard through the tracks smooth, rhythmic production. This is due to his mastery of not only the rapping part of the track but the singing, instrumentation and production. A one man band, if you will. What is really impressive, however, is the direction his rap is taking Australian hip-hop, with his music having a multi-layered, complex and provoking quality, one that instills a certain level of experimentation while still appealing to a wide audience.

Faraji is a new, exciting talent and is one to be watched throughout 2019, joining the ranks of other talented up-and-coming rappers such as REMI and BARO. His recent signing to Sydney-based management company Astral People, who represent other artists such as COSMOS MIDNIGHT and WINSTON SURFSHIRT, is proof of this.

Photo via Astral People