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Live Review: Arlo Parks transports us to better days with her new single 'Green Eyes'

23 October 2020 | 12:25 pm | Claudia Fallon

Arlo Parks is making waves in the music world as she flaunts her refined indie bedroom pop sound in her new single 'Green Eyes'.

Emerging in 2018 and already leaving her imprint on audiences, Arlo Parks is making waves with her refined indie bedroom pop sound that is woven throughout forthright and self-aware lyricism. Struggling with her identity growing up as she grappled with her sexuality and fitting in, this rising star explores the nuances of adolescence in her latest single 'Green Eyes', showcasing her incredible talent and unique storytelling. With her newly announced debut album set for release in early 2021, Collapsed In Sunbeams is already one of the year's most anticipated releases.

Creating intrigue with her knack for poetic spoken lyricism that speaks to her generation, 'Green Eyes' embraces self-love and self-discovery to fight the difficulties that come with life. The song acts as a beacon of hope through the darkest of times with Arlo's airy vocals creating a warm embrace. As woozy melodies, mellow guitars, and sparkling keys create a flurry of dancing sounds in our ears, her soulful and compassionate lyricism make the track sound like a confessional piece that casts beautiful imagery in your mind. As she sings the soft yet affirming words, "But you gotta trust how you feel inside, and shine, and shine, yeah, yeah, yeah", we hear the radiating hopefulness in the song, thrusting us from the darkest depths to the highest of heights. Influences of jazz and hip-hop emerge throughout 'Green Eyes', with touches of neo-soul and RnB to create an intricate fusion of harmonious and bittersweet sounds. Featuring backing vocals and guitar from Clairo, the song paints an intimate portrayal of the complexities of life. With Park's youthful insights feeling like a self-help guide to happier days, we all begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Speaking about the meaning behind this new hope-filled anthem Arlo said, "This is a song about self-discovery, self-acceptance and adolescence. It is supposed to uplift and comfort those going through hard times."

'Green Eyes' also comes with an artistic music video that follows Parks as she explores the many facets of life, seeming complacent yet unsatisfied with her surroundings. Looking almost defeated, she remains optimistic as she sings the lyrics that motivate her to keep pushing through and "shine" from within.

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From creating stories as a young child to delving into the world of poetry that ultimately influenced her songwriting as a musician, Parks is creating a meaningful impact through her storytelling and sonic excellence. Portraying the intimacies of mental illness, relationships, and life's complexities through her music, she is compelling listeners with her tender words and soulful sounds. With plenty more still to come, Arlo Parks is grasping the attention of the music world, cementing herself as one to watch.

Arlo Parks' debut album Collapsed In Sunbeams is out January 29, 2021


Image: Alex Kurunis