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Live Review: Andrei Eremin 'Two Dones' Ft. Nearly Oratorio

28 August 2015 | 9:43 am | Hannah Galvin

Andrei Eremin has released his debut EPs latest single, 'Two Dones', featuring the vocals of Nearly Oratorio.

Record producer / musician juggernaut, ANDREI EREMIN is just days away from releasing his debut EP, Pale Blue. Collaborating with a few of his talented friends, Eremin's latest single, 'Two Dones' features the vocals from Nearly Oratorio (aka Simon Lam of I'lls and Klo fame).

Akin to the anticipating moment of a Jack-in-the-box, 'Two Dones' enters with a toy-like glockenspiel, as if it were stuffed inside of a small space and sounded only when wound up by Andrei Eremin. A dusty recording, its visualised rather nostalgically, totalling these elements as a snapshot of childhood, or at least the innocence it beholds.

Flooded by the empty space that fizzles in the background, Nearly Oratorio quickly bridges the gap with his incredibly gentle vocal; his lyricism offering a more adult dimension to this play on themes. Doubling in depth, a second vocal recording is made apparent, thickening the tune with its harmonising density.

Almost eclipsing what has drawn us in thus far sees a gorgeous double bass walk straight into the field, quickly adapting from an alien component to a very important feature of the story that is, 'Two Dones'. The surprises continue to pop out, what with the soft, jazzy rhythm section that eventually erupts into a fading cry.

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While these episodes were conducted beautifully and contributed greatly to the tracks sincerity, 'Two Dones' cleverly concludes in the same way it begins, for the underlying melody line is present for the entirety of the song; ultimately reminding us of the perpetual memory of youth, its oblivion, and the importance of prosperity.

'Two Dones' is taken from Andrei Eremin's emotive debut EP, Pale Blue, released independently on Friday, 28th August (aka today).

Words by Hannah Galvin.