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Live Review: Andrei Eremin & Fractures 'Ghosts'

3 July 2014 | 1:51 pm | Alean Penaflor

Melbournians Andrei Eremin and Fractures team up for this sonically rich and hauntingly beautiful track, 'Ghosts'.

A collaborative work between Melbournian's FRACTURES and Andrei Eremin, 'Ghosts' is a hauntingly beautiful track that's as evoking as its title suggests.

Though Mark Zito as FRACTURES would ring a bell to most, its Andrei Eremin that may appear unfamiliar to others. Having mixed and mastered records for acts such as CHET FAKER, RAT & CO, OSCAR KEY SUNG and ILL'S, Eremin hasn't just carved a name for himself by association but through his reputation and knack for incredibly tight production work. 

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Naturally, with these two electronic and ambient driven individuals combining their talents into one art form, the result would have never strayed far from the sonically rich soundscape that 'Ghosts' is. Its intricacy of each embedded element evokes an abundance of mental imagery; from its crackly organic undertones, cyclical ethereal effect and the sustained low strings arrangement, 'Ghosts' is brimming with textures to create a stunning yet simultaneously sombre atmosphere.

Though released as Eremin's debut solo track, the song will also feature as a bonus on Zito's forthcoming EP.