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Live Review: Anatole releases another vitalising melodic offering in 'Outgrown'

14 November 2017 | 9:12 am | Freya Dinesen

Sydney multi-instrumentalist and producer ANATOLE has released an intricate new single, 'Outgrown', serving as a second taster for his upcoming debut album.

Sydney-based multi-instrumentalist and producer ANATOLE has released an intricate new single, 'Outgrown', featuring Tom Iansek (Big Scary, No. 1 Dads). This new offering closely follows on from 'Like Deep Water’ and serves as a second taster for Anatole's debut album, due out early next year via his recently joined UK Label, Mercury KX.

Anatole, aka Jonathan Baker, first began his musical studies amongst more traditional roots, studying trumpet at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and spending much of his youth performing in orchestras. Anatole’s upbringing amongst the dramatic natural environment in the Blue Mountains permeated a deep love for both the grand, cinematic scale of its ecosystems and the more intricate beauties in the minutiae of the surrounding habitats. This same balance is now reflected in his music, exhibiting a wondrous contrast between the giant and the diminutive that saturates his resplendent and detailed productions.

This newest release marks a new juncture in Anatole’s creative development, honouring his artistic integrity while its musical integrity continues to unfurl. Anatole explains: To me the track is about feeling like you are changing faster than your surroundings. I think it mirrors the progression in my music - I feel like I’m growing with every new song I write, and then see it connect and lead to new opportunities on the other side of the world, it’s fascinating in a deep sense and has led to feelings I’ve never had before in my life. I’m starting to integrate the creative things I do more into who I am - I’m literally creating who I am in every action that I take.”

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‘Outgrown’ opens amongst a bed of minimalistic strings, bolstering the delicately laid vocals during its candid introduction. This wholesome foundation is steadily veneered with layers of warbling synths, tuned percussion and intermittent use of organic timbres, enveloping the vulnerability of the vocals with gyres of looping sonic effects and uplifting undercurrents of melodic textures.

'Outgrown' further evinces Anatole’s avid cognition for arranging complex harmonies and rhythms, incorporating felicitous instrumentation and dynamics to create an alluringly intricate blend of electronic and organic sounds.

With fellow label mates like Ólafur Arnalds and Lambert alongside him on Mercury KX,  the release of Anatole’s debut album in early 2018 will surely bring some truly amazing sounds and big opportunities. Watch this space!