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Live Review: Listen to Alxndr London 'Today' with his new EP

9 October 2017 | 11:18 pm | Ben Xerri

Mysterious R&B singer/songwriter Alxndr London has released his latest EP - Today, or The Only Day After Tomorrow, a beautiful five-track project.

The man under the wide-brimmed straw hat, ALXNDR LONDON, has gone and released a five-track EP with some of the most spectacular album artwork we’ve seen this year. Featuring Purple Sneakers beloved singles ‘April’ and ‘Circus Of Mermaids’ alongside some beautiful new music, Alxndr London has bundled this together as Today EP, or The Only Day After Yesterday.

Today kicks off with the orchestral dissonance of ‘Kraken’, an amalgamation of jazz instruments and influences, Asian sounds and the prominent pure vocals of Alxndr himself. ‘Kracken’ is followed by the two singles ‘April’ and ‘Circus Of Mermaids’.

At track four, ‘Beg Bugz’ gives itself a dancing beat from the get go. With a driving four-on-the-floor kick drum and a two-four snare rhythm, ‘Beg Bugz’ stands out from the rest of the EP as a poppy 3:30 number without losing Alxndr’s signature isolated, soul filled vocals.

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The EP leaves off with ‘Solo’ a vulnerable and minimalistic piano accompaniment to Alxndr’s solo vocal performance. The beauty of this track is not easily attainable. London’s high octave crooning glides on top of the incredibly delicate melody of the piano whilst both instruments keep their distance but intertwine seamlessly.

The Only Day After Yesterday or Today EP contains an assortment of emotions, instrumentation and tracks, all unified by London’s stunning and unique vocal performances. Give it a listen, and keep an eye and ear on the future of Alxndr London.

Feature image by prexactly

Words by Ben Xerri