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Live Review: Alice Ivy's newest 'Get Me A Drink' is genre defying greatness

15 March 2017 | 9:35 am | Steve Copp

Boundary breaking producer Alice Ivy, is back after a long awaited break from new music, she has returned with a genre defining banger 'Get Me a Drink'.

In a world full of pro-longed drops and frustrating avoidance of some of the best parts about electronica music, lives an artist in a league entirely her own. This artists is a lady by the name of ANNIKA SCHMARSEL, or ALICE IVY.

She's a long shot from your normal run of the mill electronica artists; she belongs to a small community of electronic artists dabbling in shameless expression. She won't hold you at a stand still awaiting a drop that may never come, and she wouldn't dare present you with anything that doesn't meet her growing standard of grandeur. She gives you what you want, exactly the way the music gods intended it to be heard.

Her latest offering to the gods is no exception to the rule. It's larger than life, it's effortless, it floats into your ears like a silver feather floating in the gentle breeze. Featuring the heavenly vocals of Sydney singer E^ST and bars (and I mean BARS!) from punchy Melbourne rapper CHARLIE THREADS, Ivy and her team go down the rabbit hole and join all the mad hatters in the deep dark land of a party, where EDM music reigns supreme and what can go wrong, often will.

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She's made what might be one of the most pin-point references to a night out we've seen, all to a catchy rhythm, a punchy beat and packed to the rafters with solid gold features. Ivy is building a name for herself almost as big as the atmosphere she creates her new track 'Get Me a Drink'. It's huge, it sounds a million bucks and more importantly it towers over her previous releases. Following her releases of 2016, 'Touch' and 'Almost Here', Ivy had work to do to top her music last year. But with all her might, fighting through broken bones and a rigorous tour schedule, she's done it.

All the ingredients are present for Ivy to become the premier hip-hop/ RnB producer this generation NEEDS, but not only that - she fits a million and one more categories. We are yet to define what it is Annika Schmarsel even does when she touches a beat. All I know is, I cannot wait to see what this very talented young lady does to our music.