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Live Review: PREMIERE: Alice Ivy transforms E^ST's 'Life Goes On' into a delicate masterpiece

9 November 2017 | 4:01 pm | Jackson Langford

E^ST, more than anything else, has become a master at making soaring pop music. Her unique voice and ability to adapt to a vast range of sonic adventures is something that has become quintessentially her. Her latest offering, 'Life Goes On', is her most anthemic release to date. It booms far and wide, reaching heights she's never quite hit before. It's a song about moving on and letting go, that beams across the sky in shining gold. But now, ALICE IVY, a production wizard and a mate of E^ST's, has tried her hand and remixing the song and it's the most beautiful remix you'll hear all day.

While the original 'Life Goes On' never stops growing, Alice Ivy subverts it into a subtle and subdued slow-burner. Instead of a shooting star, this remix has turned the song into a special twinkle in the sky - not as big, but still just as beautiful. Alice Ivy has transformed E^ST's entire vocal delivery from soaring pop to an almost spoken-word level of delicateness, and built it over a framework of carefully placed synths and beats.

The way Alice Ivy meticulously crafts the remix with unprecedented precision while still maintaining the overall feel of the original banger is a testament to her skills, to E^ST's songwriting and perhaps even to their friendship. For Ivy to give 'Life Goes On' a makeover that, on surface level, seems completely foreign but becomes more familiar the deeper we dive, it proves that she is indeed one to watch. Life might go on for these two upcoming superstars, but the only way it's going is up.

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