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Live Review: Alfie Templeman shares new glimmering single 'Forever Isn't Long Enough'

2 October 2020 | 11:21 am | Claudia Fallon

Alfie Templeman has released a new single 'Forever Isn't Long Enough' exploring the fleeting nature of life in the most colourful and vibrant of ways.

Rising indie-pop star Alfie Templeman has delivered a groove infused tune titled 'Forever Isn't Long Enough', exploring the fleeting nature of life with lyrics that scream carpe diem in the most colourful and vibrant of ways. From one high to the next, Alfie is being recognised around the world as an accomplished prodigy rocking the music scene with his individualised alternative sound.

Addictive and catchy, this smooth new tune is upbeat and lively with bright spiralling sounds, funky riffing guitars, and vivacious disco rhythms. Invigorating us with energetic drums and slick bass, this song is ready to get us moving and grooving for days on end. Bringing effervescence to every new release, Templeman brings forth an impressively polished sound in 'Forever Isn't Long Enough' that feels mature and well beyond his youthful age of just 17. With a 70's vibe that is embellished by kaleidoscopic groovy sounds, this fresh bop shows the best of Alfie's rising talent. Turning a morbid topic into something fun and cheerful he explores the brief nature of life, sharing his wisdom on cherishing fond memories.

Talking about the inspiration behind the song Alfie said, “Some days I can’t stop thinking about how short life is and how you only have so much time to spend with the ones you love. Deep, right? Honestly I’ve made so many songs with the titles ‘Forever Isn’t Long Enough’ but this one felt the most meaningful...I’m still way too young to give anyone life advice but this track to me is about how I’ve noticed that the further away you are from your memories, the closer they are to your heart.”

Despite gleaming with exuberance, the new song holds a deeper significance to Templeman, who has a diagnosis of childhood lung disease that followed a period in hospital last year. Remaining optimistic in life, Alfie talks about his illness and the impact of the current pandemic. “It doesn’t really bother me, but I’m one of those 'vulnerable to Covid-19' people, so I’ve been shielding since March,” he reveals. “It’s been a long summer!”

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'Forever Isn't Long Enough' also comes with an accompanying music video that is vivid, colourful, and radiant showing the brighter side to life that outshines the current gloom of today. Sending your worries far, far away this video will have you in high spirits in no time.

Despite his setbacks, Alfie's career is flourishing with praise from fans and press around the world for his 2020 Happiness In Liquid Form EP. With his previous EPs Like An Animal in 2018 and 2019's Sunday Morning Cereal and Don’t Go Wasting Time, Templeman holds a multitude of talent as a musician, songwriter, producer and performer. Hitting the ground running with the world ahead of him, there are great things destined for the outstanding Alfie Templeman.


Image: Sarah Louise Bennett