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Live Review: AK SPORTS introduces us to her debut EP with 'A Flash Storm'

23 April 2020 | 11:28 am | Parry Tritsiniotis

Sydney bred, London based AK SPORTS has released the first single from her debut EP 'Polarize' an ode to her love for breakbeat, rave and UK Club rhythms.

They say good things come in threes and Sydney label Gallery Recordings has brought another delicious treat to the table for their third EP. Sydney-bred, London-based AK SPORTS has released the first single from her debut EP 'Polarize', which acts as an ode to her love for breakbeat, rave and UK Club rhythms. Matching her impact in her hometown, in London she's cemented herself as a resident at the trusted Balamii Radio. The station has hosted a goldmine of European tastemakers and this recognition from Balamii Radio is a testimony to her passion as a selector and champion for womxn and non-binary people in the industry. She now turns to production, and begins to engrave a sonic narrative of her own.

'A Flash Storm (And Then It Was Gone)' is a turbo blend of of breaks and wobbly sub lines. The record gives the audience no time to breath, and that's definitely a good thing. The drums enter swiftly and, as the filter on them eases, the track enters full force. It ricochets, sharp and aggressive, as well thought percussion lines, drum rolls and a wicked bass line all snap into place to create a fully fledged breakbeat demon.

The visual side of GLRY003 is brought to life by Ella Maximillion. Speaking on working with AK Sports, she says, "The EP artwork illustrates a liberated gathering and merging of moving bodies into an animated vortex. Nestled amongst the molten lava of beings, a ying yang sign pays tribute to the original Tank Girl of 1995; a powerful outlier existing in an apocalyptic time. For me AK SPORTS’ sound has always been about a transference of her high energy to dance floors and heralding the revolutionary power of dance music."

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I wouldn't mess with this one. What appears to be a comfortable listen with its open synth lines and crackly ocean samples at first quickly turns into cunning, deep dance floor mover. AK SPORTS has piqued the interest of underground dance fans both locally and in the Eurozone. She's known for her charged sets in warehouse raves across England and Scotland, as well as ticking off close to every venue in Australia. It's brilliant to see a tastemaker of this quality enter her zone on the production side of things. I'm especially keen to see how the rest of this EP brings the already enchanting AK SPORTS project to a higher level.

'A Flash Storm (And Then It Was Gone' is out now via Gallery.

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