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Live Review: Airling 'Wasted Pilots'

28 August 2014 | 12:00 am | Caitlin Medcalf

The latest single to be taken from Sydney darling Airling's EP 'Love Gracefully', is titled ‘Wasted Pilots'.

Sydney talent AIRLING has been making waves across Australia with the unearthing of her raw and delicately enameled sound. With the official release of her debut EP ‘Love Gracefully’ looming ever closer, she’s actually locked in a set of tour dates for October to celebrate.

The latest single to be taken from the EP is titled ‘Wasted Pilots’. Produced by Tom Iansek of the BIG SCARY moniker, he’s been busy with the recent release of his #1 DAD’s side project. A growing partnership between the two since AIRLING lent her vocals for Iansek's solo project ultimately oversaw the creation of the EP.

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‘Wasted Pilots’ is a multi-textural enigma. Opening with soft percussion and a haunting array of dissonant vocal tones, the totally individual, sweet tones of AIRLING herself are sung over this haunting melody.

The chorus is a pop dream. Catchy rhythms and a stunning drive like no other, ‘Wasted Pilots’ is a refreshing insight into the wondrous poptronic stylings of AIRLING.

Eventuating into a blissful soundscape that shows stark contrast to the intro, the back half of the track goes on to basically outshine any pre-conceptions the intro may have given.

Definitely a definitive track from start to finish, AIRLING has created a captivating sound that has a certain degree of innocence. However, it’s interesting to note that throughout the songs duration, this innocence transforms into something completely fresh and innovative.