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Live Review: Aeora asserts herself powerful femininity in 'Boss-y'

8 March 2017 | 11:27 am | Jackson Langford

A woman's voice in a public space can go highly under-appreciated, or ignored entirely, and Aeora has had enough. As the patriarchy tries to firm its stranglehold over society, women everywhere are realising that - unfortunately - forcing to have voices heard is the only way to go is big, white men in suits aren't going to listen. The problem there is that when a woman asserts her opinion, her power or anything remotely self-empowering, she's cast off as "bossy" or a "bitch" while men doing the same thing are considered confident and powerful.

That's exactly the type of bullshit AEORA is tackling in her first single for 2017, titled 'Boss-y.' Cornered with lyrics like "I'm not bossy if I speak a little louder...I'm not too smart if I know the answer," Aeora sings with clarity and a quiet confidence, defending her right to - you know - hold an opinion without being condemned for it. The production is haunting and beautiful, but remains understated to showcase the message that she is putting across, not cloaking it in metaphors or wordplay. She's not asking you to read between the lines - she's shoving it right in your face.

Of the song, Aeora said it's about "being a woman, being insecure about certain things I do and feeling a bit shut down by people. That's how it began. And this idea of being confident coming across as 'bossy' because I'm a woman." With her clear cut songwriting, as well as mixing and mastering help from Haxx and Joe Lambert, it is going to be pretty hard to confuse that message with anything else. 

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