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Live Review: Strict Face, Tarquin and Yayoyanoh team up for your new 'Afterparty' anthem

1 September 2017 | 2:58 pm | Lloyd Crackett

Fresh from Strict Face's oncoming The Heat EP, UK producer Tarquin and Yayoyanoh have teamed up to create your new 'Afterparty' anthem

Moving past his well-proven experimental grime sound, STRICT FACE has teamed up with UK producer TARQUIN to create ‘Afterparty’. The fresh track also features the near mumblecore bars of YAYOYANOH, who funnily enough heard the track at an afterparty and freestyled then and there. After a little more producer's magic and mix downs – the ‘Afterparty’ everyone will come to love was born.

There’s a buoyant quality to ‘Afterparty’ which can summed by the line ‘Afterparty is the best fucking party’. It’s that bouncy sense of joy that comes with the afterparty that is apparent throughout the verses and the production. It’s hopeful and fun-loving and where all the good stuff actually happens. This a track for an afterparty, it’s where everyone is comfortable with themselves, everyone’s a little up but not raging.

The production has a wonderful mix of a dancehall beat with computerised synths. Organic-sounding drums play against a computer game synth board with Yayo’s deep and almost conversational rap flowing effortlessly over. There’s even lightly rave like synths that burst in and out. It’s a track that skips convention; a random mix that plays out in a spectacular way. Much like an afterparty, it all came together and now you can’t think it could have happened in any other way.

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‘Afterparty’ is the first single off Strict Face’s EP The Heat that will be coming out on the 29th of September. ‘Afterparty’ is the oldest track on the EP, having been absolutely put through the ringer, originally existing as half of a different song. Expect weird, wonderful and refreshing tracks from Strict Face if this is any indication.