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Live Review: PREMIERE: Aeora gives us a track-by-track breakdown of her gorgeous 'Let Loose' EP

11 July 2018 | 9:05 am | Jackson Langford

Aeora has given us exclusive break down of each of Let Loose's five tracks, what they mean to her and how they were created in the first place.

Every piece of work that AEORA has dropped thus far has been incredibly stirring, tender and powerful. With her impassioned vocal delivery and keen sense of production, every Aeora release gets a stranglehold over your attention and never lets go. However, her sophomore EP Let Loose might be her boldest statement yet.

By no means is Let Loose a minimalist EP. Over the course of its five tracks, every song absolutely booms. The sounds explode against one another, splashed in vivid colours, and makes for some of the most interesting and enveloping pop music we've heard out of this country in a while. To celebrate its release tomorrow, Aeora has given us exclusive breakdown of each of Let Loose's five tracks, what they mean to her and how they were created in the first place.

Track 1: Let Loose

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I wrote this song a bit under a year ago. It was the first track (other than Need You) that I knew had to be released. I wrote it about someone in my life who won’t open up and reach out until I do. I felt such an intense feeling of just wanting them to be real with me. I came up with this vocal melody - the ‘le-le-le-le-le-loo’. But I didn’t even known what I was saying when I was singing it, until I realised it sounded like ‘let loose’. The song really came to life when Haxx came up with that great bass and kick line.

Track 2: Party All Night

This song was written after a night out. I was feeling a lot of emotions, mostly about wanting to have fun and do silly things with friends, but also wanting to comfort someone who struggled with social anxiety at times. I guess that’s the essence of the song, but there’s certainly more to it than that. It’s about everything I want in those moments - as well as the uncertainty and angst, and the “fuck it, let’s just have fun” bits too.

Track 3: We’re Getting Somewhere

I wrote this after Christmas Day. At the time I was looking after dear Sprocket (Haxx + Rromarin’s cat), so I was in their studio. I started playing around on their piano and came up with this song in about 30 minutes. I think it came so quickly to me because I’ve been needing to write this for a really long time. It’s about learning to accept a relationship that’s broken and seeing how far it’s come; rather than being upset by what’s been lost. Really have to credit Haxx for all the production on this – I really struggled with writing any production for it because it felt way too real for me.

Track 4: Need You

This song was written with the very talented LANKS. We wrote it after talking about the idea of needing someone. We’re told continuously that you shouldn’t need anyone to be happy, but we both felt like we did need our partners. We started writing about being in a relationship in this day and age. “Are we too comfortable?” is one of my favourite lines. A few months later, I worked on it for a few days with Haxx and made it incredibly epic.

Track 5: I.G.I.

I wrote this song really late into making the EP, but wow I think it really needed the song. I think it perfectly embraces everything I’ve been feeling and thinking and focuses on that one moment of pure happiness when you let go. That moment when you realise everything is stupid and you can enjoy yourself - just like that. I came up with this “I-G-I- melody because I wanted the message of the song to be a surprise. I really wanted the song to replicate that instant change of mood.

Let Loose EP is out Thursday 12 July.

Image: Briana Davis