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Live Review: Aeora proves she is both brains and brawn with latest single, ‘Fenceline’

10 July 2017 | 4:23 pm | Freya Dinesen

Melbourne electronic-pop Queen Bee AEORA has shared her latest exploration of emotions and sounds with new single ‘Fenceline’.

Melbourne electronic-pop Queen Bee AEORA has shared her latest exploration of emotions and sounds with new single ‘Fenceline’.

Aeora, aka Lisa Spencer, is gathering a resolute reputation for herself in the realms of experimental pop and electro, endeavouring to create new sounds with divergent beats and manipulated vocal tracks.

Taking inspiration from strong female vocalists, Spencer has encompassed raw and expressive tones into her own empowering voice. The result: brooding, profound vocals brilliantly paired with a louring, murky soundscape that valiantly evinces an attitude of “what you see is what you get”.

Following on from her bold and candid first release of 2017, ‘Boss-y’, ‘Fenceline’ employs a minimalist arrangement of emotive instrument tones to underpin her with ascendant, howling vocals.

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Opening with a yearning, oriental-styled string synth lead, gentle piano chords and heavily reverberated percussion, ‘Fenceline’ is steered into an authoritative saga by Aeora’s voice - ultimately demonstrating that her vocal prowess is set to be on par with industry greats by the likes of Banks, Lorde and Beyoncé.

Reflecting on this latest work, Spencer states:

“’Fenceline’ was created when I was thinking about a past relationship I had and how during parts of this relationship, I felt weak like I had lost myself. When it ended, I found myself trying to regain strength and fight for my identity. At times I felt like I couldn’t quite get there and rested somewhere in the middle. The story concludes, where I look at where I am now and how I’ve grown, kind of like saying “look at me now"”

After impressing crowds up and down the east coast of Australia with her live show, notably supporting the likes of Glades, Confidence Man and Evangeline and showcasing at Sydney’s Electronic Music Conference, Aeora is set to perform a mini-residency at The Gasometer with special guest Eilish Gilligan

If you're in Melbourne, you'd be a little bit crazy to miss this! For full info see HERE - tickets are on the door.

Wed 19 July – The Gasometer Upstairs - Melbourne

Wed 26 July – The Gasometer Upstairs (w/ Eillish Gilligan) - Melbourne

Image: Supplied