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Live Review: PREMIERE: Activities of Daily Living make an impact with new 'SPACE' EP

13 September 2018 | 10:41 am | Emma Jones

Electronic music has always had deep roots in political activism and social commentary, and while perhaps the mainstream artists in this genre may have lost sight of this, the underground artists remain strong and defiant. Duo ACTIVITIES OF DAILY LIVING, comprised of Chloe and Jonnine, offer up minimal darkwave with a heavy helping of social critique. With a penchant for cold and synthetic repetitive sounds, they use their music as a vehicle for biting criticism, and their latest EP is another shining example of how they meld experimental, punk and electronic music with their bold and defiant messages.

Their EP, SPACE, is being released via Tender Collection, a new queer-feminist label founded by the band with a focus on accessibility, transparency and intersectionality. Featuring two original tracks by Activities of Daily Living plus two remixes (one by Papaphillia and one by Rebel Yell), the EP is a pulsating, intoxicating trip, featuring pounding drums, harsh synths and heaving beats. As far as first releases go, SPACE certainly makes Tender Collection's mission statement crystal clear, not just when it comes to its politics but its sonic path as well - brash, in your face and just enough hedonism, SPACE is an aggressive and fearless record.

Launching their new EP on September 28 at a secret location in Collingwood, Activities of Daily Living make an impact with their new EP and we're certain that when performed live, it'll pack even more of a punch. For details on the show, head here and to purchase the EP, head here.

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Image by Kalindy Williams

Words by Emma Jones