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Live Review: Find your flair with 30/70's uplifting new gem 'Tastes Like Freedom'

13 July 2021 | 9:45 am | Hannah Galvin

Melbourne collective 30/70 have just dropped their lengthy and uplifting new single 'Tastes Like Freedom' through the iconic Rhythm Section.

Melbourne jazz-funk collective 30/70 indulge us with their fresh new single 'Tastes Like Freedom'. A 9-minute odyssey, we shed insecurities and pull away from conservative "norms" and stigmas to evolve into a place of pure contentment and pride within one's skin from this emotionally prosperous journey.

A clammy tremble pervades the pits of either palm. Forcibly gripping your left and right, the culmination of both adrenalin and despondency equate to the confusing spirit you have in approaching the task at hand.

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The logic stimulated in receiving an answer from asking the question that begs edges you closer to the moment with each metallic flick, and yet the looming, unavoidable fear of rejection that the hefty heart stipulates overrides any sort of confidence; which will have you burrowing back to habitual comfort with each resounding beat that bounces.

Pottering about in the initial square, alternative scenes conjure and flood the mental space of how wild and whimsical the best case scenario could be. What's holding you back? What bad could possibly happen if all shatters to pieces? Would you even really feel the weight of it all?

Reflective in frustration, you craft your caricature of cowardice styled from previous non-attempts; a grey, washed out self-portrait painting your inability to take great leaps. A sacred piece, the power is in the response to its level of relativity - to be viewed as a mirror of regression, or motivation to leave it in the past and transform into a freer version of yourself.

30/70's 'Tastes Like Freedom' has been released by Rhythm Section International. Keep an ear out for the remix package that is due to drop in coming weeks.

Words by Hannah Galvin.

Photo credit: Roddy Bow