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Live Review: 100 gecs tap Dorian Electra for latest remix cut, 'gec 2 u'

10 April 2020 | 10:11 am | Lloyd Crackett

The latest cut from 100 gecs' fabled remix album is 'gec 2 u' which sees the duo tap popstar of the future Dorian Electra to jump on.

If you aren’t already aboard the Gecs Train, this may not make a lot of sense to you. To be honest, if you are already on the 100 GECS train, it still won’t make sense to you, but that’s just what makes it so thrilling. DORIAN ELECTRA, hyper pop master has teamed up with 100 gecs for the latest cut from their fabled remix album, Tree of Clues. With remixes so far from Injury Reserve, A.G. Cook, Charli XCX, Kero Kero Bonito and Rico Nasty, Dorian joins a list of cult musicians for one of the wackiest cuts yet.

A standard review truly wouldn’t suffice so instead we have a list of Top Five Best Moments from Dorian and 100 Gecs Epgec:

  1. The Sex Line Operator connecting to a “Rock Hard Wet Gec"
  2. “Dorian EGecTra" vocal tags
  3. The antique telephone rings
  4. The fake out before the final dubby dubby drop
  5. The chaotic bass rumoured to cause earthquakes

With most of the 100 Gecs World Tour either rescheduled or in Australia’s case, completely cancelled, it’s unclear if the remix album will also be delayed. Yet, it’s promising that we will receive constant content from Dylan Brady and Laura Les, like their video ‘Rat Fucker’ uploaded to Youtube, as well as Dylan Brady’s ever growing list of tracks he produces for other artists including Velvetears, Lewis Grant and The Garden.

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Image via Twitter