Live Review: Joji, CLYPSO, Agung Mango: Ten best songs of the week

7 February 2020 | 12:17 pm | Emma Jones

All the best new singles from the last week including fresh tunes from Joji, CLYPSO, AGUNG MANGO, a Bag Raiders remix and much more!

Each week, we receive countless submissions of exciting new music, so we’ll be taking you through a weekly wrap up of all our favourite new tunes every Friday called #TrustedForTaste. For more new music and news, head to the Purple Sneakers website. Read on for new music from Joji, CLYPSO, Bag Raiders x Close Counters, Hinds, Wolfjay, Dylan Joel, EGOISM, Bajillionaire, Citizen Kay x Genesis Owusu and AGUNG MANGO.

Wolfjay - In Memory Of

Wolfjay makes their first entry for 2020 with 'In Memory Of', a hugely intimate release that also doubles as their best song yet. It's an angsty, gritty and deeply personal alt-pop/indie rock fusion that couples a searing guitar with pop sensibilites to create a gripping, emotional listening experience. 'In Memory Of' was written prior to Wolfjay's coming out as a queer person, and was also written as a song they wish they'd heard growing up themselves. Wolfjay said of the song, "It’s about letting the past die, killing it - if you have to, because it’s the only way to become who you were meant to be. It’s about acknowledging the process and despite it being painful and hard, sticking with it and seeing it through." Having signed to Brooklyn based indie label, Sleep Well Records, in 2019, we're so excited to see what Wolfjay does next!

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Bag Raiders - How Long (Close Counters Remix)

It's always a special moment when two of our favourite acts combine on a release, and we've got exactly that this week with Close Counters stepping up to the plate to lend their hand to Bag Raiders' 'How Long'. Being released alongside another remix courtesy of Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursClose Counters inject 'How Long' with their signature funk and groove influences to give the single a whole new life. We couldn't agree more with Bag Raiders as they commented on this remix saying, “Close Counters are one of the most exciting young bands / producer duos in Oz and lovey dudes to boot. We knew they’d bring something fresh to this song and love the fact they produce outside the box with a lot of live instrumentation. Stoked with the remix!" Seizing this moment to show everyone just how stellar they really are, Close Counters have well and truly delivered a jam with this one.

Dylan Joel - Snow

Delivering one of the most exciting lane-switches in recent memory, Dylan Joel returned this week with the M-Phazes and Cam Bluff produced, 'Snow' - a gentle, lyrically driven slow jam in which he shows off his pop flair with soaring, delicate singing to complement his existing hip-hop sensibilities. Ushering in a new era with an elevated sound, 'Snow' feels completely natural in Dylan's progression as an artist who refuses to be pigeonholed. The first of a few new releases to come this year, 'Snow' is an exciting foray into uncharted territory for the Melbourne artist and as he breaks new ground with 'Snow', we can't wait to see where he goes next.

Hinds - Good Bad Times

Adored worldwide, Spanish four piece Hinds are back! With a new single and an album out in April, it's a good time to be a Hinds fan as the band share one of their most fun singles yet in 'Good Bad Times', a jangly but slightly-more pop cut. Inspired by highly dysfunctional relationships, the single also comes with easily the best video you'll see all week as the Hinds members transform into superheroes helping citizens around town. From saving cats from trees to helping little old ladies, Hinds are here to save the day in this video, and we have a feeling they'll be saving the day with new album The Prettiest Curse come April 3rd as well.

EGOISM - You You

There's just something about a romantic dream-pop track that I can't resist, and EGOISM have absolutely knocked it out of the park with their latest single. Titled 'You You', the Sydney duo are back in 2020 in a big way on this single with their heavenly vocals, expert songwriting and a positively delightful hook that will stick with you. All about toxic relationships and the difficult task of letting someone go, EGOISM sound like they're throwing open the curtains and letting the sunshine in with 'You You'. Talking to our pals Pilerats about their latest work, one half of the band Scout Eastment spoke of how the pair were going through very similar circumstances at the time of writing this song. "It's crazy how hard it is to let go, especially when you still really care for the other person. I kind of find it hard to leave anything and not feel responsible," Scout said. With lyrics that will positively cut to the core of you, it's a dreamy release as the band not only step into the light in their personal lives but into the limelight as one of 2020's most exciting acts.

 Citizen Kay - Funny Business Ft Genesis Owusu

Canberra's Citizen Kay makes his return this week with 'Funny Business'. Tapping the rising star that is Genesis Owusu for a collaboration, the pair sound right at home on a track together with each artist working in harmony with the other. 'Funny Business' is a groove-laden feel-good jam that's carried by a funky bass and 80's synths. The hook is so smooth with Kay's smooth falsetto and Owusu's dynamic delivery in the second verse elevates the track to new heights. Inspired by "our relationship with mainstream media and how we’re expected to trust it all without question" according to Citizen Kay, he uses his latest single to deliver one single message: "People need to find their own truths. Stop adopting everything you read or see without researching it for yourself." While we're extremely here for the call to apply a critical lens to the mainstream media, you can absolutely trust us when we say this song is a banger and we're really glad to see Citizen Kay back.


Agung Mango is without a doubt one of the most exciting artists coming up right now. He first burst onto my radar with the blistering 'TOUGHSKIN', and now he's back kicking off 2020 in style with 'RODENT'. Gritty, brash and in your face, he's unapologetic and razor sharp on this latest single, effortlessly weaving his way through the unpredictable beat. Hailing from Melbourne, he's unafraid to experiment and try new things, and its this innovation and ambition that is setting him apart from the over-saturated fray of rappers in Australia right now. 'RODENT' is just the latest example of what he's capable of, and given it's only just February and is easily one of my favourite songs of the year so far, I can't wait to hear more.

Bajillionaire - I Feel So Alone In This Club RN

The club can be a place of solace, a place to connect with community and a place to let go. But, it can also be a lonely, isolating place that brings to light issues you may not have wanted to deal with in the real world. It's exactly this that rising artist Bajillionaire takes aim at on his new single, 'I Feel So Alone In This Club RN', and with a stark and surprising change in direction, he lets listeners in in a way he never has before. Channeling the likes of Rex Orange County, 'I Feel So Alone...' is a charming, intimate single in which Bajillionaire exposes his social anxiety and internal monologue, and in doing so enters a new chapter as an artist worth keeping both eyes firmly planted on. We can't wait to hear more.

Joji - Run

Easily one of 2020's most exciting artists, Joji makes his return after an enormous twelve months in 2019 with 'Run'. The guitar-driven track and accompanying cinematic visuals serve as a thrilling addition to the artist's evolution and one that shows he is ready to truly dominate in 2020. Ambitious but always considered with his approach, 'Run' is not only extremely catchy and a joy to listen to, but also an act of putting everyone else on notice - it's Joji season.

CLYPSO - Sidestep

Purple Sneakers favourite CLYPSO returns in 2020 with a home run of a new single, 'Sidestep'. Following on from her 2019 single, 'D.Y.S', 'Sidestep' is a slight but welcome change of pace for CLYPSO, and is another collaboration with Billboard-recognised producer Konstantin Kersting (Tones & I, Mallrat). It's a punchy, soaring anthem from the Sydney artist as she lets her vocals echo out over her trademark vibrant, percussion-led production, and is a big moment from CLYPSO as she continues her rise as one of the country's most promising rising talents.

Words by Emma Jones

Images (L-R): CLYPSO - supplied; EGOISM - via Facebook; Joji - supplied