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Live Review: Jet City Sports Club fix gaze to the beauty of the present with debut single 'Bloodhounds'

20 January 2021 | 2:48 pm | Hannah Galvin

Sydney four piece Jet City Sports Club demand we make the most of the now with their warming debut single, 'Bloodhounds'.

Without harping on about the year that was, the test of thought and action found solace in artistic pursuits; creating brand new projects for some, such as Sydney four-piece Jet City Sports Club.

A remedy to the unknown limbo, a bounty of songs were written with positive integrity as a means to inject hope for one another, with further extension to their listeners. As a result, the outfit came out the other end with their September Sun EP, due for release in the coming months of 2021.

As we await the entire body of work, Jet City Sports Club gift us the first taste with their debut single 'Bloodhounds'.

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Exiting keys from ignition before flinging heavy doors wide open, percussive soles hit the bitumen before running straight into the gleaming zest of life.

An ode to mindset, these fleeting trotters dart to optimism, as our group of ebullient youth sprawl down this long, golden avenue with open arms and goofy grins; stretching as wide as their charismatic spirit will maximise.

Though vague in direction, the sentiment amplifies for their destination will instead join them; reminding us of the importance of process with every step nurtured and enjoyed - not void.

Stimulating contagious fun and spontaneity, whilst the weave of a respondent melody repetitively motions the clasp of an invitational hand to welcome us into their domain, Jet City Sports Club echo the privilege of the present - a heartspace to attend consciously in an effort to employ instant fulfilment to the best of our ability.

'Bloodhounds' is the leading single from Jet City Sports Club's debut EP September Sun, due for release in the near future. Keep up to date with the band and their releases via their socials.

Words by Hannah Galvin.

Photo credit: Rachael Brookes