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Live Review: Get to Know: FeelsClub

2 July 2020 | 2:28 pm | Emma Jones

One of Brisbane's best kept secrets, FeelsClub returns with a brand new single today, but not as you might already know them!

Self-described trash pop band FEELSCLUB is one of Brisbane's best kept secrets. They've been around for a few years now, and have a seriously impressive resume under their belt with sets at Yonder, Woodford, and Jungle Love, plus an at-capacity appearance at Mountain Goat Valley Crawl earlier this year already in the bag, as well as support slots for the likes of Client Liaison, Confidence Man, Ivey, and Miami Horror also ticked off the list. Now, in 2020, they're returning with an entirely new, revitalised sound and have kicked things off in style with their new single, 'talkTALK'.

Delving into a darker, electronic pop sound, 'talkTALK' is the first taste from the band post-"reinvention". In saying that though, they still maintain that infectious frenetic energy that drew so many fans to them in the first place. Its here that their power lies in 2020, with the band tapping into what makes them "them" while still venturing into uncharted sonic territory. Clocking in at just under three minutes, 'talkTALK' is tight, punchy and hard-hitting. Its at once futuristic but nostalgic, and positively electrifying when that mammoth hook kicks into gear. What was first started during the band's trip to Japan last year and finished in frontman St Jonnie's studio dungeon, 'talkTALK' is as strong as it gets for a second first impression.

“In short, this song is about every hard conversation you’ve ever had with someone you love, whose opinion disgusts you,” says frontman St Jonnie. “Growing up with someone as a hero in your mind, believing who you are is because of what they set as an example, and them then saying some fucking cooked shit.”

Hitting the ground running now in 2020 with the release of their SUB.ALT.GEN01 remix EP, FeelsClub look set to make the remaining half of this year theirs with a reinvigorated sense of self and a whole lot of new music in the bag. What better time, then, to get to know them? We did exactly that, and you can read it all below!

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Who are you?

We are trash pop royalty FeelsClub and who are we? We really don't know anymore... we have changed so many times. It's ok though, things change that's just life. Let's enjoy it. Embrace it and move forward.

How did FeelsClub come to be? 

We got together and made a band etc.

What are we talking, vibes-wise?

We have changed vibes a fair bit this round. We cornerstone it with our remix ep SUB.ALT.GEN 01 where we got a bunch of our friends to remix our last ep into something more danceable and spun out. even our own MKA ripped into it. Crazy part tho was that we just used that as an intro to our new movements because since before this time last year we had been changing our sound. Growth, time, travel, change... losing members gaining members living our lives seeing the world churn and upheave. We really felt this time we were just goin to get out of being called an 80's band and instead just chew down on something more modern or more who we just are as people now. It's our answer to everything we have seen and heard and our way to start a new conversation.

Tell us more about your single, talkTALK?

Written pre covid and pre/post japan tour we really started to redo a lot. We wanted to introduce some more newer sounds and techniques to our repertoire, alot of samples, stanger larger synths, and more vocal layers. This is one of maybe two new songs on our upcoming EP that we actually got to test out live before the world came crashing down on our heads and it was the first we wrote of this new sound. It's a sound about upheaval and a refuse to face change. Something we keep seeing so much lately. We have to talk about change, we have to listen about change because it will happen one way or another and why not make it for the better rather than to just preserve your weird fake safety.

What can we expect from you in the months ahead?

We are releasing a bunch of singles leading into our next EP, A Wave Inevitable, and hopefully getting back out there to play more shows. You will for sure catch us playing the BSAF/SuperOrdinary twitch stream in our home town of Ipswich so that will be weird, our first ever show where we grew up and it will be pretty much be to an online audience around the world. Other than that JarthGames who has been doin all our single art for this project is working on an interactive VR, game of sorts, with us. If all goes to plan and it gets released it will be goin up on steam where you will be able to experience our songs in their own little trip out space just the way our lord jesus christ intended.

Where can we hear more from you?

ONLINE BABY!!! all the usual places... plus twitch... cause we are future. Plug in, Log on, and Let go.

'talkTALK' is out now. Buy/stream here.

Interview by Emma Jones

Image: Supplied