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Live Review: Tora bring house & plenty of it to their guest mix

14 August 2019 | 1:39 pm | Caitlin Medcalf

With their second record 'Can't Buy The Mood' out now, Byron Bay four-piece Tora put together a house-heavy guest mix for our radio show to celebrate.

Byron Bay four-piece, TORA released their debut record, Take A Rest in 2017. The record bolstered them as an indie-dance crossover force to be reckoned with, with their penchant for loosely groovy electronic sounds pairing neatly with their ear for organic instrumentation.

Since that moment, they've spent the better part of the last two years working on the follow up record to their debut, and last week, it was finally in our hot little hands.

Can't Buy The Mood is the name of their second offering, and like with any good second offering, the record gives us all of Tora from every angle. Vulnerability, poeticism and thoughtful instrumentals dominate the record's landscape, giving us the perfect intersection of new and old ideas from the band.

Tracks like 'Similar' and 'Mother Forgot' showcase their skill at navigating live instrumentation, while tracks like 'Entropy' and 'Morphine' show their ability to carry their live instrumentation mindset over to an electronic framework with ease.

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The record is not so much about separating these sounds, but about finding the intersection and using that to their advantage, which is something they've achieved with ease and finesse.

Jai of the band put together a 20 minute guest mix for our radio show on FBi Radio over the weekend to celebrate the release of the record, and in true Tora style, it showcases a whole range of electronic moods, sounds and genres.

From the lux slow-burning jazz of Chaos In The CBD's 'Luxury Motivation' to the glitchy soundscape painted by DJ Haus on 'See U In My Dreams', it's a mix to dance to and a mix that embodies the electronic flavours explored by the band on the record. Listen to the full mix below.

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20 Below - A Lil Tribute To The Moody Black Keys

Rubini - San Pedro

Mighty Mouse - The Spirit (Yusek Extended Edition)

Aksel & Aino - Fading Pictures

Jai Piccone - Care

Daso - Meine

Chaos In The CBD - Luxury Motivation

DJ Haus - See U In My Dreams

Bella Boo - The Hours