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Live Review: Get to know RBI ahead of her latest release, ‘GET ME OUT / TAKE IT FOR ME ON THE FLOOR'

1 April 2021 | 3:53 pm | Jessica Negus

Naarm/Melbourne based DJ, producer and label co-founder RBI provides dancefloor catharsis with her latest double single.

Following a hugely successful birthday compilation curated during the depths of 2020 lockdown, Naarm (Melbourne) DIY label and collective Fluxx return with their second release ‘GET ME OUT / TAKE IT FOR ME ON THE FLOOR’ by rising DJ and producer RBI (she/her). One of the three founders of the collective alongside Yollks and House Mum, RBI has forged a reputation for crafting versatile soundscapes, leading her to standout performances at events such as Hopkins Creek Festival, Pitch Music and Arts, and Melbourne Music Week. This reputation extends to Fluxx, which seeks to provide space for exploring the darker realms of club music that thrive in the Naarm underground music scene.

“I was really angry when I wrote these two tracks. The whole process of writing and releasing these tracks has been a cathartic release,” noted RBI in a statement about the launch. Naturally, the release comprises two four-to-the-floor, high-octane tracks perfectly suited for losing oneself in dance. GET ME OUT juxtaposes sultry, feminine vocals with hefty industrial kicks, whilst TAKE IT FOR ME ON THE FLOOR provides a humorous, sexy and potent 162BPM combination of Detroit techno and Chicago footwork. It’s an exciting taste of more that is sure to come, RBI and Fluxx alike.

In light of Naarm’s music scene being reborn post-COVID, ‘GET ME OUT / TAKE IT FOR ME ON THE FLOOR’ comes at the perfect time for not just dancefloor release that has been so sorely missed, but Bandcamp Friday tomorrow too. Read our chat with RBI below!

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How long have you been DJ’ing/producing for?

I started playing little DJ gigs back around 2018 and then it gradually has been growing since then. I started making electronic music around the same time, I did a subject in electro acoustic music at uni and learnt to use Pro Tools and make sound art. I then did a subject in music technology where I learnt to use Logic and I was like - this is so cool, I can make so many different types of sounds. The arts centre here in Naarm runs a short course run on how to learn about Ableton for women and GNC people which was super helpful in developing my skills.

When/how did your pathway into electronic music begin?

My pathway into electronic music started as a punter when I was around 17 or 18 years old. I used to go clubbing throughout my degree and I also used to go to doofs more when I was younger. I always had an interest there, it just took me a while to get the skills to start making electronic music.

Who/where do you draw inspiration for your music from?

I am really inspired by the people around me. There are so many musicians who I love and adore here in Melbourne, it is so amazing to be a part of such a supportive and talented community here in Naarm. I feel really grateful for my friends and community and to be a part of such a diverse and supportive scene here. If I had to mention some names, I really love what Loraine James, Nervous Horizon, Club Chai, 33EMYBW, TYGAPAW and MoMa Ready are doing at the moment.

How did Fluxx come to fruition?

Elle, Jac and I started Fluxx as a way to book ourselves and our friends. We wanted to create a platform to help out emerging female and GNC folk to create gig opportunities and create a community. During lockdown we were no longer able to run events, so we decided to put together a compilation album which was a really incredible process to put together. We were lucky enough to have 29 artists included on the compilation, including both friends and artists that we really admired who were involved. The album has a really wide spread of different genres and approaches to electronic music, but I think it all really nicely flows together.

What can we expect from you and Fluxx in the coming months?

Fluxx has a day party next week on the 10th of April at Thank You Bar 2 in Naarm - we are really lucky to have a really amazing line up for this event! We are also currently working on a music education project with Naarm based collective and workshop series Sound School, an electronic music tutorial series to create more electronic music tutorials made by women and GNC folk here in Naarm, and also have a really exciting merch collaboration that I probably can’t disclose more about (!). Personally, I am currently writing an album which I hoping will come out by the end of this year and have a bunch of gigs coming up over the next month or so.

‘GET ME OUT / TAKE IT FOR ME ON THE FLOOR’ is available to listen to and for purchase on Bandcamp tomorrow. In the meantime, you can check out Fluxx's Vol. 1 compilation from last year on Bandcamp here.

Words by Jessica Negus

Image by Rose Pure