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Live Review: Ryan Fennis is in a league of his own with 'Iceberg EP + exclusive playlist

24 November 2020 | 12:59 pm | Emma Jones

Ryan Fennis remains one of the most exciting, innovative and unpredictable artists we have come across in recent times.

Canberran electronic artist and producer Ryan Fennis has shared his second EP titled Iceberg. Encompassing indie rock, new wave and bass with a club music flourish, Iceberg isn't so much the amalgamation of genres as it is the result of a complete rejection of them completely. Defying categorisation, Iceberg is Fennis at his most authentic, channeling his experiences of growing up in the nation's capital of Canberra as well as his evolved sonic palette from his debut 2019 release, Detour, and creates something entirely his own in the process.

Having experienced the disconnection which comes from lack of representation in his respective creative communities growing up, Fennis now seeks to change that so others can follow in his footsteps. Distilling the essence of what it means to be Canberran, Fennis draws on a collage-style songwriting process and a production sensibility which is not stifled by "guidelines", and on Iceberg, he reasserts himself and his sonic and artistic identity with a stronger presence than ever before. Iceberg is a record to be listened to as a whole — it's challenging, aggressive and demanding. It commands your attention, and is relentless in its pursuit for space and assertion. As a listener, you have no idea where it's headed, but such is the refined quality of Fennis' production and songwriting, you don't particularly mind as it's entirely thrilling as well. From the pulsating title track to the psych trip out of 'Fifteen', the breaks of 'Watchlist' or the totally gripping 'Overload', this is not for the faint hearted.

Back in July 2019, we said "There isn’t an artist in the country (heck, the world even) sounding like Ryan Fennis," and with Iceberg, he once again proves this correct. Shifting the way we perceive, listen to and experience music, Ryan Fennis continues to forge his own path, spurred on by a complete rejection of traditional or conventional genre constraints. It's this almost defiance that liberates Fennis to create freely, and paired with his clear ambition to push and break sonic boundaries completely, he remains one of the most exciting, innovative and unpredictable artists we have come across in recent times.

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Here, Fennis lets us peak under the hood so to speak, and has put together a playlist of his inspirations behind Iceberg. You only need one listen to the EP to know his influences would be vast and eclectic, and this playlist confirms that with oh so many different sounds and styles in the mix. Take a look below!

ICEBERG by Ryan Fennis is out now, buy/stream it here.

Words by Emma Jones

Image: Supplied