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Live Review: TSHA, Bonobo & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Tilly Tjala Thomas: Best Songs of The Week

13 November 2020 | 10:01 am | Claudia Fallon

A whole stack of new tracks for your weekend including new singles from TSHA, Bonobo & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and more.

Each week, we receive countless submissions of exciting new music, so we’ll be taking you through a weekly wrap up of all our favourite new tunes every Friday called #TrustedForTaste. Follow our Spotify playlist to never miss our updates!

TSHA - Renegade (ft. Ell Murphy)

Having already released one of my favourite songs of the year this year in 'Sister', as well as delivering an almighty remix of Juno Mamba's 'Blossom', this year has been marked by developing a deep love for the emotive, addicting and gorgeous music from TSHA. Today she releases her new EP, Flowers, via Ninja Tune, and unveils her finest body of work yet. Lead single 'Renegade' featuring Ell Murphy is another delight on this EP, with TSHA leaning further into her electronic pop sensibilities to create a timeless and meticulous slice of electronica. For fans of Bonobo and Jon Hopkins, TSHA is shining so brightly right now. - EJ

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Bonobo & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - 6000 Ft.

Hot on the heels of their frenetic, breakbeat heavy first release in 'Heartbreak', Bonobo and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs are back for round two with a bit of a change of pace. Titled '6000 Ft.', this new single is the perfect complement to the high energy sounds of 'Heartbreak' with a touch on the brake pedal for an arresting, downtempo moment of calm and peace. It's warm, melodic and intricate, and as it unfurls slowly but surely, you can't help but get completely lost in it. It's a truly beautiful piece of music. - EJ

Tilly Tjala Thomas - Ngana Nyunyi

Inspired by her Nukunu culture, emerging First Nations artist Tilly Tjala Thomas has released a vibrant new single 'Ngana Nyunyi' that instils a sense of pride and appreciation for Indigenous heritage. With music that is driven by folk, country and indie pop, Tilly's latest release merges traditional Nukunu language with layers of genre-blending sound. Bringing forth breezy folk additions through gentle vocals, soft keys and harmonic guitars, this rising star creates a relaxing atmosphere that is both reflective and enjoyable. Including subtle electronic elements and rhythmic beats, 'Ngana Nyunyi' becomes a beautiful mix of different sounds that blend together harmoniously. Sounding buoyant and airy, this new music will have you feeling light as a feather in no time. - CF

Dro Carey - Boundary Ft. Zellow (X Club Remix)

Brisbane crew X Club step up to the plate to remix one of the many, many highlights from Dro Carey's debut album released earlier this year. Taking over 'Boundary' which features the gorgeous ZellowX Club inject their signature blurred lines of techno and house into this one, making for a hard-hitting and melodic delight. It's propulsive, high energy and ready made for the heaving dancefloors this duo are used to whipping into a frenzy. - EJ

Human Movement - Waiting (Pretty Girl Remix)

We have already been gifted one exceptional remix of Human Movement's absolute stomper, 'Waiting', courtesy of D. Tiffany. Now, we've got another pearler of a rework courtesy of rising Melbourne producer Pretty Girl, stepping up to the plate to take over 'Waiting' with her own signature sounds. It's a sprawling 7-minute epic, maintaining focus on the acid line while building a constantly evolving drum line around it as it slowly and steadily builds to euphoria. - EJ

Alison Wonderland & Valentino Kahn - Anything 

With the power of electronic music bringing these two forces together, Aussie queen of EDM Alison Wonderland and Los Angeles-based DJ and producer Valentino Kahn have released a futuristic collaboration 'Anything' that is an absolute slapper of a track. Fusing Wonderland's signature heavy-hitting electronica and galvanic synths with Kahn's dance-ready mix of house, trap and bass, this propulsive production is gearing us up for festival and club dance-floors in a pandemic free future. As deep bass takes hold of this seamless electronic banger, Alison's echoing vocals create a hypnotic atmosphere that makes for a transcendent listening experience. Sure to send shockwaves in the EDM world, 'Anything' is the escape we've all been waiting for, sending us far away from life's current mundanity. - CF

Crooked Colours - Falling 

Returning to 2020 with their second single 'Falling', Australian indie-pop trio Crooked Colours are back doing what they do best. Creating a new bop that touches on elements of indie, house and pop, the boys haven't forgotten their signature dose of euphoric electronica that drives much of the track. With glimmering synths, boppy beats, and electronic touches, 'Falling' produces an ambient mood from the very first listen. Amplified by vibrant vocals from lead singer Phil Slabber, this strong release by Crooked Colours is alluring as it holds a mysterious and broody touch. Bringing groove and glittery effervescence, it's time to sit back and let this new music elevate you to new heights. - CF

Cosmo's Midnight - A Million Times (HONNE Remix)

Reworking Cosmo's Midnight's Yesteryear single 'A Million Times' and turning it into something of their own, UK electro-soul duo HONNE have brought vibrancy to this mellow chiller of a track. Originally down-tempo and reflective, this remix completely flips the tune on its head introducing upbeat poppy beats, with shimmering guitars, and soaring synths. Incorporating sounds that feel like rising emotion, this UK duo have turned 'A Million Times' into a warm and sentimental rework. Keeping Cosmo's classic psychedelic sound intact, HONNE are able to embellish the defining qualities of the original song, whilst adding elements that push this remix into a new and exciting sonic space. - CF

BENEE - Kool

Off the back of her debut album Hey u x, BENEE has released a new upbeat and funk-laden track 'Kool' that will have you feeling like the coolest kid in town. Sounding slick and confident, this new music is shaping up to be a quintessential BENEE track with her iconic sonic elements showcasing her undeniable talent. With groovy guitars, deep and funky bass, quirky electronic sounds, and strong percussive presence, this New Zealand indie-pop star can't go wrong with each new song sounding infectiously catchy. As strumming 90s style guitars bring a touch of rock to our ears, 'Kool' is definitely on-trend, giving you that confidence boost to make you feel like a boss. - CF

Images: TSHA - El Hardwick, Bonobo & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Grant Spanier, Tilly Tjala Thomas - Supplied