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Live Review: Tame Impala, Logic1000, Elle Musa: Best Songs of The Week

25 September 2020 | 10:44 am | Parry Tritsiniotis

A bunch of brand new releases you need in your life this week from Tame Impala, Logic1000, Elle Musa x Dro Carey, Hauskey, Felivand and more!

Each week, we receive countless submissions of exciting new music, so we’ll be taking you through a weekly wrap up of all our favourite new tunes every Friday called #TrustedForTaste. Follow our Spotify playlist to never miss our updates!

Tame Impala - Borderline (Blood Orange Remix)

That track title alone is juicy enough. Blood Orange has taken his extreme ear for sonic brilliance and flipped the universally loved single Borderline, from Tame Impalas ‘The Slow Rush’. Hynes flips the disco tinged original on its head, creating an always evolving downtempo mover reworking all the instrumentation and augmenting Parker’s vocals. The percussion is brilliant, the bass line groovy and the vocals hypnotique, exceeding all expectations of this massive remix.

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Logic1000 - Blossom

Logic1000 has released ‘Blossom’ the B Side of her latest single ‘Perfume’. The track acts as a perfect fold to the vocal driven lead. A comfortable 4/4 drum pattern combines neatly with sweeping synths, a cat sample (don’t quote me on that) all held together by classic house chords. Logic1000 is proving to be one of Australia’s strongest house exports, it’s only a matter of time before she’s headlining our favourite festivals.

Elle Musa - Mango Pops (Dro Carey Remix)

Dro Carey can be described as nothing short of a mastermind. Having just released his debut LP ‘Nothing Is A Solo Project' he’s turned up to provide a disco house tinged twist of Elle Músa’s ‘Mango Pops’. The remix is a percussive driven bop. Conga style drums combine perfectly with a pulled back kick and hat combination, giving the track an earthly tonality. As the weather gets warmer, this track’s ready built to accompany a Zooper Dooper, Banana Boat, salt water fuelled afternoon.

Hauskey - Somewhere

Hauskey, all while a new project is leaving massive marks on Australia's indie scene. Swimming somewhere between the borders of Rex Orange County, Clairo and The Internet, it’s no surprise to fans responding strongly to his young discography. His sophomore ‘Somewhere’ is a testament to that brilliant approach to songwriting. Glizy piano chords, heavenly vocal arrangements and Hauskey’s always witty vocals build the perfect, and I know we’ve said this alot, isolation soundtrack. ‘Somewhere’ acts a short retreat from what has been what feels like an extremely long year.

Felivand - Midsummer Sun

Felivand is one of the most exciting artists in the country, and her latest effort ‘Midsummer Sun’ hypes us up more than ever before. It’s taken from the rising neo-soul artist’s forthcoming second EP, ‘Nerve’, due out October 16. Written with the accompaniment of Purple Sneakers favourite Allan McConnel of Close Counters, the track is bursting with brilliance. Wave like arpeggiators, slick percussion and warm melodies create nuance neo-soul, akin to the likes of SZA or dare I even say it, Erykah Badu.

SVNO - Make That Call

Following off the back of his grandiose debut single, ‘Like We Do’ ft. OneFour’s JEmz, SVNO has returned with introspective cut, ‘Make That Call’. The track stamps SVNO’s cunning versatility, highlighting an ability to evoke a spectrum of emotions through his music. Whichever segment of his story SVNO decides to tell on records, he does with tenacious honesty and pride, wearing his heart on his sleeve and leaving nothing behind, a quality that is a must in producing high integrity RnB.

Mustafa - Air Forces

Earlier this week 23-year-old Muslim poet and songwriter Mustafa released another stellar titled ‘Air Forces’. The track is an ode to his neighbourhood Regent Park and to the friends he lost to gun violence, it also happens to be produced by none other than Jamie xx & Frank Duke The track is as beautiful as it is intimate. It’s stripped back layers mould around samples of a Sudanese tribal chant, a nod to his heritage, while toeing the line between familiar Western genres. It pulls the heartstrings, it evokes deep compassion and critical thinking, all while holding an astonishing groove.

Lupa J - Supermarket Riots

“Supermarket Riots” is the third instalment from Lupa J’s upcoming mini album, set to release in November. Another COVID inspired track, the Melbourne based singer songwriter put pen to paper in anticipation of impending doom. The track is beautifully chaotic, multiple elements from multiple genres and soundscapes make for a track difficult to define, yet so seamlessly merge together. Up tempo rhythms, sweeping synths and a glowing top line make us as hyped as ever for what Lupa J has in stall for the future.

Headie One ft AJ Tracey, Stormzy & OneFour - Ain't It Different Remix

Boy oh boy! OneFour are having a busy week, but their feature on the remix of Headie One’s smash hit ‘Aint It Different’ takes the cake. More than merely a career highlight this is a landmark for Australian hip hop, featuring on a track with some of the biggest global stars in rap. The boys fit brilliantly into the lineup of the track, holding it's at the throat nature, with bars hailing their story and injustices they’ve faced, repping their set on a platform and scale like no other Australian rapper has seen.

Images: Tame Impala by Neil Krug, Logic1000 - Supplied, Elle Musa - Supplied