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Live Review: Sampa The Great, KWAME, Ninajirachi & Kota Banks: Best Songs of The Week

18 September 2020 | 12:49 pm | Emma Jones

Ten new tunes from this week you need in your life including singles from Sampa The Great, Ninajirachi & Kota Banks, Kwame, Surprise Chef and more,

Each week, we receive countless submissions of exciting new music, so we’ll be taking you through a weekly wrap up of all our favourite new tunes every Friday called #TrustedForTaste. Follow our Spotify playlist to never miss our updates!

SAMPA THE GREAT - Time's Up Remix ft Junglepussy

Following on from the release of her incendiary new single, 'Time's Up', Sampa the Great is back with another blow tapping none other than Junglepussy for a special remix. Not many artists would be able to match Sampa's exceptional energy on the original version of 'Time's Up', but Junglepussy is absolutely a perfect fit, providing a rapid fire verse and raising the track to new heights. This remix also comes alongside the news of the #TimesUpRemix competition, which encourages black women and non-binary people across the world to submit their best verse for “Time’s Up”. For more information on that, head here.

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KWAME - TOMMY'S IN TROUBLE Ft Phil Fresh and Clypso

KWAME has shared a sneak peek into his forthcoming Please, Get Home Safe EP with the dramatic and artistic statement of a new single, 'TOMMY'S IN TROUBLE'. Teaming up with longtime collaborators and friends, Phil Fresh and CLYPSO, 'TOMMY'S IN TROUBLE' speaks to the longstanding fact that keeps being confirmed again and again: there is no one doing it like KWAME right now. The 22 year old's vision has never been stronger, his output continues to evolve and raise his own high standards, and his ambition to deliver intelligent, genreless and boundary-destroying music remains as bold as ever. Please, Get Home Safe is out October 30th, and we cannot wait to hear what he does next.


Last week, we said we hoped the Ninarjiachi remix of Kota Banks' 'Never Sleep' wouldn't be the last time we heard these two on a track together. This week, our prayers have been answered with a new collaborative single from the two titled 'True North'. What makes this single so special is its a perfect example of both artists at their peak — Banks' vocals are absolutely stunning, soaring over the gradually building verses, while Ninajirachi's futuristic glitchy production has never sounded stronger. Both Nina and Kota are having exceptional years so far, and this latest winner is just the cherry on top of so much music from both. Tipped to have even more up their sleeves, consider us buying a one way ticket to 'True North' right there beside them!


Melbourne's Surprise Chef return with a new single this week titled 'Deadlines'. Providing a soundtrack for "the internal monologue through the task of accomplishment," the moody and cinematic song works its way through the many stages one goes through when undertaking a task. From the optimistic start through to the challenging middle and ultimately triumphant breakthrough and accomplishment, it's a gripping 4-and-a-half minutes which doubles as another thrilling insight into their forthcoming album, Daylight Savings. We can't wait to hear more.


Sydney's Autosuggest return with 'Not Yours', a powerfully bold new single all about the chaos which ensues after the complete severance of a toxic relationship, and the confusing journey to find yourself again. It's dark, brooding and full of defiance, with the trio channeling INXSSt Vincent and Massive Attack to create an evocative and emotive listening experience. Taken from their forthcoming second album, Introhedonism, out later this year, it's another impressive slice of Autosuggest's unique sound.


Inspired by the likes of Daft Punk, Air and Tame Impala, Polythought return with the first single off their forthcoming second body of work with 'Pariah'. Uplifting, emotional and utterly blissful, it's an escapist slice of dreamy disco you can't help but get lost in. The blend of synths, vocoder and that strutting bass line makes for a vibrant and unique spin on the disco sounds they have been influenced by, creating something that's still entirely Polythought while expanding into new territory.

BRUTALIST - Balsalke (Ft. LYAM)

After four years, Brutalist (comprised of Melbourne-based producer Lucianblomkamp and the nomadic John Hassell) made their very welcome return recently. After sharing the "introspective, expansive and meticulously produced" movements just a few weeks ago, the duo have now unleashed a brand new EP titled Michael J Fox today, and with it, a new single titled 'Balsalke'. Teaming up with LYAM for vocals, 'Balsalke' is a gritty evolution of the intelligent and introspective world the duo have created. Apart of an entirely impressive, immersive body of work, 'Balsalke' is a must-listen.

PUMA BLUE - Velvet Leaves

Over the course of two EPs, two singles and a stripped-back live album, Puma Blue has established himself as one of the UK’s most vital new talents. Now, he looks to the next challenge to which he shall rise to, with the release of his forthcoming debut album, In Praise of Shadows, out January 2021. The first taste of this arrives this week in 'Velvet Leaves', a deeply personal, intensely intimate new single showing how vulnerable Puma Blue is prepared to get with this record. Over a crisp hip-hop leaning beat and alongside ghostly, reverb-drenched vocal loops, Puma Blue explores a traumatic moment, pairing the influence of Jeff Buckley with his own unique artistry to create something equally devastating and cathartic. If you listen to one new single this week, make it this.

LEISURE - Lonely Nights

Quickly shaping up to be one of this year's best EPs based on just three singles, New Zealand collective LEISURE return with 'Lonely Nights'. Maintaining that quintessential LEISURE sound, 'Lonely Nights' is a rich slice of 70s nostalgia, all about "two people hoping to find peace with each other." Inspired by Japanese city pop and The Bee Gees, it's complete with driving guitars, heavenly vocal harmonies and a bass line that won't quit. A total home run for LEISURE.

biblemami - death support

16-year-old pop newcomer biblemami follows up her March debut single with 'death support', and proves she is one to keep an eye on in the process. Written about a toxic relationship, "one that pushed me into the deep end when I barely knew how to swim," biblemami pairs a muted bassline, piercing percussion and personal vocals to create a cinematic, forlorn and melancholic new single showing musical maturity far beyond her years.

Words by Emma Jones

Images: Sampa The Great by Michaela Dutkova, Ninajirachi and Kota Banks by Tiff Williams, Kwame via Facebook