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Live Review: Nina Las Vegas, Stevan, Sig Nu Gris: Best Songs Of The Week

30 October 2020 | 12:30 pm | Emma Jones

A bunch of new tracks from this week to kick off your week including new singles from Nina Las Vegas, Stevan, Sig Nu Gris, ONEFOUR and many more!

Each week, we receive countless submissions of exciting new music, so we’ll be taking you through a weekly wrap up of all our favourite new tunes every Friday called #TrustedForTaste. Follow our Spotify playlist to never miss our updates!

Nina Las Vegas - Busy

Nina Las Vegas remains at the very top of her game with a sweaty new instrumental in 'Busy'. After unleashing 'Impossible' featuring UK MC Thai Chi Rosé earlier this year, Nina has once again raised the bar for herself with 'Busy' which sees the producer utilise her longing for hard hitting bass and uptempo bangers in her life to craft a complex, energetic moment of relief for those right beside her in missing that catharsis. With a simple "don't stop" as the hook, the track has us doing exactly that, and while we can't listen to it in its rightful environment of a packed club just yet, it's more than enough to take us back to that feeling anyway.

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Stevan - Onyx

Wollongong superstar-in-waiting Stevan gifts us another taste of his forthcoming Ontogeny mixtape this week with 'Onyx'. With production by LUCIANBLOMKAMP, 'Onyx' is one of the strongest examples of Stevan's ability to sonically sit in multiple places as once, drawing on his broad influences to create a song that once again defies conventions and is so totally "Stevan". We can't wait to hear more.

Sig Nu Gris - Quatro

Sig Nu Gris takes us back to the alien rave this week with another new single, 'Quatro'. Much like 'Amoeba' before it, 'Quatro' is an all-out and impressive slice of Sig Nu Gris' unique sound. Impossible to categories, Sig Nu Gris is in a lane of her own and with total heaters like 'Quatro' under her belt, she continues to evolve into one of he country's most innovative, unique and self-assured sound designers and producers.

ONEFOUR x The Kid Laroi - My City

In one of the biggest collaborations of the year for hip hop, ONEFOUR have finally linked up with The Kid Laroi for a collaborative new track, 'My City'. The Western Sydney juggernauts confirmed their collaboration earlier this week with The Kid Laroi, one of this year's global breakout stars, and hinted that there might indeed be an EP on the way too, and 'My City' has definitely lived up to the hype. Both forces prove exactly why they're both serious ones to watch, expressing a major sense of pride in where they come from while also knowing the sky is the limit for where they're headed. The Kid Laroi delivers a huge hook calling himself the "Jay or the Drake of my city", J Emz clocks the controversy that continually surrounds the group and the blame they're receiving from authorities and Spenny fires shots at the critics he no longer has the tolerance for. Big moves!

JamarzOnMarz - Tomorrow

Australia's first openly gay male rapper, JamarzOnMarz makes his return today with 'Tomorrow'. A profound release from the emerging force, Jamarz uses afrobeats, lyrical prowess and a formidable flow to bring his latest song to life which doubles as a call to arms for support behind his petition to end textured-hair discrimination in schools. Released alongside impressive visuals which add further depth to his mission while also portraying him as one to watch, 'Tomorrow' is an impressive and passionate move from an artist on the up.

Erthlings - Irrational

Erthlings are the band you wish you were in in high school. They're so effortlessly cool, and already have an impressive list of achievements behind them which they are sure to add to with their new single, 'Irrational'. This is the first we've heard from them in over a year, but proves the wait was more than worth it. It's angsty, reverbed-out, romantic and cinematic, and just so impressive from a group who continue to meet ever-increasing expectations. 'Irrational' really feels like a "moment" for Erthlings, and makes me so excited to hear more.

Rinse - Back Into Your Arms (Ft. Hatchie)

Rinse has tapped Hatchie for his new single, 'Back Into Your Arms', creating an emotive, anthemic, glorious fusion of post-punk, shoegaze, new-wave and good old indie pop. It's all about the notion of it just being enough to be back in someone's arms after a universally difficult few months resulting in a lot of strained relationships, and Rinse captures that fantasy perfectly with racing guitars, angelic harmonies and a yearning hook perfectly capturing that moment so many people are after right now. It's a total winner.

breathe. - Home

All about "the feeling of losing someone special, and in the aftermath needing to be connected with your people and places," breathe.'s new single 'Home' is a chugging, emotive and heartfelt slice of cathartic electronica. It's emotional, powerful, and immediately impactful, and is further amplified by an absolutely stunning video captured entirely on mobile phones, shot in 17 different countries by 25 different friends. The latest in a growing number of effecting, evocative singles, 'Home' is one of breathe.'s best moments yet.

Kuya James & Tasman Keith - No Country (Piano In F Minor)

Kuya James has again teamed with Tasman Keith to create a reimagined ‘Piano In F Minor’ version of their song ‘No Country’. Dialling down the instrumentation and dialling up the emotion, James and Keith strip the track back to the essence of the powerful lyrics against a haunting piano line that shines an even starker focus on the loss of custom and culture in a land of dispossession.

Words by Emma Jones

Images: Nina Las Vegas by Tayla Martin, Stevan by Eddy Ming @eddyming + creative director Michael Dole @doleydoley, Sig Nu Gris - Supplied