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Live Review: Kylie Minogue, Kota Banks & Ninajirachi, Sycco: Best Songs of The Week

6 November 2020 | 1:10 pm | Claudia Fallon

A whole stack of new releases to kick start your weekend with fresh cuts from Kylie Minogue, Kota Banks & Ninajirachi, Sycco and more!

Each week, we receive countless submissions of exciting new music, so we’ll be taking you through a weekly wrap up of all our favourite new tunes every Friday called #TrustedForTaste. Follow our Spotify playlist to never miss our updates!

Kylie Minogue - Real Groove

Taken from her fifteenth (!!!) studio album out everywhere today, Kylie Minogue delivers solid gold on DISCO. We've already had three singles from this album, and while it's hard to pick just one favourite in a record full of so many highlights, it's hard to go past 'Real Groove'. With a seductive hook, those classic Minogue vocals and an unstoppable groove, 'Real Groove' is a major moment on an album absolutely overflowing with them. - EJ

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Ninajirachi & Kota Banks - Middle Of The Night

Two mainstay Purple Sneakers finally released their collaborative EP today and we cannot get enough. Ninajirachi and Kota Banks are a match made in hyperpop heaven, and their True North EP is yet another futuristic, hard hitting and impressive example of this. Every single song is just so good, and their latest single off their record, 'Middle Of The Night' is no exception. It's an all-out anthem designed to make you feel good and serves as the peak of the truly wild ride that is True North. This year has been full of releases from both Nina and Kota, but as True North proves, they've still got so much to show. Who else is buying a one way ticket to True North?! - EJ

Sycco - Solid Gold

Rising star Sycco takes over PNAU's euphoric classic 'Solid Gold' for the third installment of the Deadly Hearts compilation series (a collection of songs that are iconic to traditional Australian culture and identity) and unsurprisingly blew it out of the water. Her raspy, soulful vocals perfectly complement the reimagined instrumental, adding even more emotion and authenticity to the iconic original, and is an exciting addition to her 2020 output as she continues to shake things up and highlight her versatility. In her own words, she said of this cover, "I thought Solid Gold would be a perfect song to cover because lyrically it is just so wholesome about lessons and loving your friends! It is also just such a fun song!"

DOOLIE - My Cue To Leave featuring PNK FME

Gold Coast singer-songwriter on the rise DOOLIE has released yet another infectious downtempo RnB bop, 'My Cue To Leave', building on the signature electronica sensibilities that define much of her music. With vocal additions from Adelaide producer and artist PNK FME, this sensual production becomes soft and intimate adding a contrasting male perspective. Drenched in sultry feminine energy, DOOLIE's lustful vocals tell a tale of heartache as she struggles to choose between the head or the heart. With slow and steady beats, atmospheric electronic additions and crisp vocals from both these artists, this track is definitely a late-night vibe making you ponder the ifs and buts of love and life. - CF

BENEE - Happen To Me

Dropping one last track before the release of her debut album Hey u x, New Zealand pop queen BENEE has released an ethereal and introspective tune 'Happen To Me' that exposes her inner vulnerabilities. Through exceptional music production, she melds warm and glistening guitars, transportive percussion and doting vocals, that make this new addition feels like a soft sonic embrace. Citing the tune as her "favourite on the album", BENEE shares the anxieties that accumulate in her mind through dark and soul-bearing lyricism. As the first track on her upcoming album, 'Happen To Me' is a brave and beautiful addition to the artist's highly anticipated forthcoming body of work. - CF

Jarreau Vandal - Obsessive

Dutch artist and producer Jarreau Vandal has released his latest RnB groove tune 'Obsessive' that showcase his stylish, smooth and sleek music creation. Specialising in 90s hip-hop, soul, jazz and alternative rock, it's clear the sounds in this music make for a quintessential Jarreau track. Taking on lead vocals, listeners can't help but move their bodies to the touches of reggae and dance energy that are infused in this bop. With bouncing beats, energetic electronic notes, funky guitars and sparkling keys, 'Obsessive' shows the versatility of Jarreau as a multi-disciplinary artist, who playfully experiments with sound to produce a unique listening experience. Written alongside MNEK and LOXE, it's clear listeners have stumbled upon a HOT new release. - CF

Young Franco - Two Feet Ft. Pell & Dana Williams (Dan Shake Remix)

Underground veteran Dan Shake has lent his hand to Young Franco's latest single, 'Two Feet' featuring Pell Dana Williams. Seizing the effervescent nature of Young Franco's original, Dan Shake quite literally shakes it up, thrusting the track into the heaving underground with an urgent 4/4 beat keeping things chuggling along nicely while he lets the frenzy run rampant above. It's electric, all-consuming and heaving enough to shake you out of your COVID/election/general 2020 exhaustion and into the weekend with good spirits. - EJ

Human Movement - Waiting (D. Tiffany Remix)

Speaking of underground veterans, D. Tiffany steps up to the plate this week to remix Human Movement's monster track, 'Waiting'. What was an already gargantuan affair is taken to a whole new level in this remix, with the subtle acid tinge in the original now in the spotlight. D. Tiffany puts her signature spin to work, whipping the remix into a frenzy with plenty of sharp, unpredictable turns to keep you on your toes while you can't help but move, and in turn delivers a take which well and truly holds its own. - EJ

Raiza Biza - IDC

Hamilton based artist Raiza Biza delivers some down tempo, classic hip hop in 'IDC', providing further proof (not that we needed it) why he's one to watch. He's up for his first Aotearoa Music Award in the Best Hip Hop artist category after releasing his 'Grand Opening, Grand Closing' project earlier this year, and while 'IDC' marks a bit of a shake up in his sound, it's one we can absolutely get behind. He reverts back to the more traditional hip hop sounds he first made his name on, and excitingly hints there might be more where this came from in store for 2021. - EJ

JËVA - Good Friends

JËVA returns with a huge pop moment on 'Good Friends', and we cannot get enough. I've been anticipating the follow up to his previous single, 'Typhoon', for a minute now, and he has absolutely delivered with this new release. The next piece of the puzzle, where 'Typhoon' looked at the complexities of being swept away by someone who isn't trying to woo you, 'Good Friends' is described by JËVA the aftermath, the inner monologue and internal battle between wanting to go for it or just remaining friends. It's smooth, sexy and passionate, amping up the RnB tone to amplify his pop foundation to make a heartfelt, genuine and authentic release. It's a total winner. EJ

Images: Kylie Minogue by Christian Vermaak, Kota Banks & Ninajirachi by Tiff Williams, Sycco by Madeline Randall