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Live Review: Kwame, RINSE, Tia Gostelow, Eluera: Best Songs of The Week

9 March 2020 | 12:57 pm | Emma Jones

Ten new singles from the last week you need in your life including releases from Kwame, RINSE, Tia Gostelow, Anfa Rose, Creed Tha Kid and more.

Each week, we receive countless submissions of exciting new music, so we’ll be taking you through a weekly wrap up of all our favourite new tunes every Friday called #TrustedForTaste. For more new music and news, head to the Purple Sneakers website. Read on for new music from RINSE, Tia Gostelow, Kwame, Body Corp, Confidence Man x CC:DISCO! and DJ Boring, Eleura, Anfa Rose, Creed Tha Kid, Superego ft Sampa The Great and merci, mercy.

RINSE - Tell Me Tell Me Tell Me

One for shoegaze, post-punk and new wave fans, Brisbane's JOE AGIUS has shared the first cut from his project, RINSE. Titled 'Tell Me Tell Me Tell Me', the Hatchie band member and co-writer kicks off the start of a new decade with a renewed sense of pride and reinvigoration for music he's been slowly chipping away at over the years, and he hits the ground running with the soaring 'Tell Me Tell Me Tell Me'. Tipped to have plenty more up his sleeve, this first release paints an exciting picture of what might be still to come and we can't wait to see what comes next.

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The first cut from her forthcoming second album, Tia Gostelow makes her return with a nostalgic cut in the form of 'Rush'. Complete with 80s synths and an explosive chorus, Gostelow sounds perfectly home at the more dance-oriented sound, injecting her trademark heartfelt lyrics and unique vocals to make for an arresting listen. Acknowledging the change in sound, Gostelow said of the release, "I’m so excited about this song and the new album. I feel like RUSH is the perfect introduction to the new sound and direction I’m going in, it shows off the use of synths and the 80’s vibe that is spread throughout the whole record." We can't wait to hear more!

KWAME - schleep

Going from strength to strength to strength, Kwame is once again showing everyone how it's done with his latest single, 'schleep'. A menacing beat and spitfire rhymes make for a formidable two minute listen as Kwame advises everyone he does "this shit in my schleep." Despite the rising rapper confirming there is a third EP on the way, this latest cut is a standalone single that Kwame put together in about 15 minutes before realising "it was kinda hard so I turned it into a song lmao.” Continuing his meteoric rise, there's no stopping Kwame.

MERCI, MERCY - Fucked Myself Up

As far as first impressions go, they don't get much stronger than that of merci, mercy's this week. Coming straight out of the gate with 'Fucked Myself Up', this one is for fans of BENEE and is a festival-favourite waiting to happen. With a full-bodied bassline, a light guitar and crisp percussion, it all combines to lay down a writhing bed for which merci, mercy's vocals can truly shine. It's slightly peculiar and immediately catchy, and comes with the added bonus of having a deeper message than you might expect on first listen. merci, mercy explained the song comes from her experience with alcohol dependency, and we can expect more music with a purpose from her in the future. "My goal is to make music that talks openly about mental health, so it’s as normal as talking about what you're eating for dinner. ‘Fucked Myself Up’ is me saying yes, I have a problem but I’m doing my best, so leave me alone," she said.

BODY CORP - You Don't Know

The latest addition to the expanding SOOTHSAYER roster, Body Corp arrived in style this week with his debut single, 'You Don't Know'. The solo project of Sydney musician, DJ and Retiree band member, Marco Vella, 'You Don't Know' is an intoxicating slice of house inspired by a trip to Japan. Mellow and hypnotic, 'You Don't Know' transports you with its intergalatic, celestial sounds and is about as impressive as they come for a debut single. Speaking of the track, Vella said, "The track began with field recordings of a Japanese train guard’s announcements on the JR Line from Tokyo to Kyoto. Re-incarnated through experimentations in various Sydney studios and drawing influence from 90s acid house, ‘You Don’t Know’ was the beginning of what has become the Soft Expression EP."

CONFIDENCE MAN - Does It Make You Feel Good? (CC:DISCO! x DJ Boring Ministry of Dub Mix)

Two of our favourites have jumped on remix duties for another of our favourites and we are here for it! CC:DISCO! and DJ Boring have teamed up for a soulful dub remix of Confidence Man's already soulful banger, 'Does It Make You Feel Good?' and the results are unsurprisingly brilliant. To have this much talent on a nearly 7-minute track is almost too much. Stripping the song right back and building it back up themselves, CC:DISCO! and DJ Boring shine so brightly on this rework, turning it into a deep cut for a heaving late-night dancefloor. It's the latest remix for the Confidence Man track and comes just before they hit the road around the country, and it absolutely does make us feel very good indeed.

ELUERA - Good Girl

Despite being about feeling insecure, there's nothing uncertain about Eluera's 'Good Girl'. A straight up bop, Eluera shines on this dreamy pop number with its shimmering hook, beautiful vocals and lyrics that will cut straight to the core of you. 'Good Girl' is the latest from the Central Coast rising star, and is super exciting as its by far her most self-assured release yet. We cannot wait to see where she goes from here.

ANFA ROSE - Chances

Anfa Rose makes his return this week with 'Chances', a nocturnal, hard-hitting tune that proves he is one to watch. Featuring intoxicating RnB vocals and a hypnotic bassline, 'Chances' is a seductive, wavy slice of futuristic RnB and is all the proof you need to know Anfa Rose remains at the forefront of Australian hip hop and RnB right now. Coming hot on the heels of his 2019 epic album, Mermaids, 'Chances' proves Anfa Rose is showing no signs of slowing down in 2020.

SUPEREGO - O.B.S (Outer Body Stranger) Ft. Sampa The Great

Featuring none other than Sampa The GreatSuperego have released one of their best songs yet in 'O.B.S'. Another glimpse at their forthcoming EP, Nautlius, 'O.B.S' plays to both acts strengths, with Sampa The Great offering up some signature Sampa rhymes over the experimental band's arrangements and frontman POW(ER)! Negro's own powerful contributions. Speaking of the track, the band said, 'OBS is about POWs’ attempt for a deeper connection to his African heritage, while coming to terms with being a person of mixed race living in Australia. At odds with the educational system and westernised Australian rites of passage, POW turns to unconventional methods to find the man he is becoming and expose what is beyond the confines of materialist western society. The song follows the summoning of ancestral African spirits, represented by Sampa the Great, for guidance, life direction and answers. What unfolds is a sonic exhalation of the internal struggle and anguish of understanding oneself.'


17-year-old Brisbane rapper Creed Tha Kid proves why he's one to watch with 'Hot Topic'. Written as a way to work through his problems while wanting to make people dance, he pours out his inner monologue over a bouncing beat, keeping the vibes high as he talks it all out. His second release for 2020 following on from 'Bag', this year looks set to be Creed Tha Kid's if these tracks are anything to go by!

Words by Emma Jones

Images (L-R): Tia Gostelow by Jeff Andersen Jr; Kwame by Zain Ayub; Eluera by Meadowlark Studio, RINSE - supplied