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Live Review: Kllo, Wafia, Gordon Koang and Ginoli: Best Songs of The Week

8 May 2020 | 11:49 am | Emma Jones

Ten new singles from this week you need in your life including tracks from Wafia, Ninajirachi, Arlo Parks, Gordon Koang and many more!

Each week, we receive countless submissions of exciting new music, so we’ll be taking you through a weekly wrap up of all our favourite new tunes every Friday called #TrustedForTaste. Follow our Spotify playlist to never miss our updates!

For more new music and news, head to the Purple Sneakers website. Read on for new music from KLLOWAFIAGORDON KOANG (GINOLI REMIX), NINAJIRACHI, ARLO PARKSG FLIPBAAUERECO$YSTEMALEX THE ASTRONAUT and ROY BLUES.

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KLLO - Insomnia

After releasing a new single just a few weeks ago, much-loved duo Kllo are back for round two with another gorgeous new track. Titled 'Insomnia', this is another slice of classic Kllo reinvigorated with a 2020 edge. It's tight, crisp, and ultimately beautiful from start to finish and sees the duo absolutely coming into their own. "It's one of our favourites off the album and is heavily influenced by our time in North America," says Kllo. "The song is about laying in bed fantasising that you'll give your all to something and that someone else will too, but knowing deep down it will never happen. The moment of the night where you can't switch off and differentiate your truth from your imagination." Another glimpse at their forthcoming album, 'Insomnia' is as good as it gets.

WAFIA - Pick Me

A self-love anthem about choosing yourself is just what the doctor ordered this week and Wafia has delivered. Titled 'Pick Me', it's a bouncy pop bop with booming bass line that will have you feeling good in no time. Inspired by the aftermath of a bad relationship last year, Wafia wrote the bop with Caroline Ailin and got real when talking about the message in the song. "He version of me he wanted was meek, obedient, not muslim and a lot less ambitious. We worked on my music together but the better my music would do, the tighter he’d hold on. This song really isn’t about him though. There was a version of me that existed last year that was really almost prepared to be what he wanted just to stop the fights and the yelling. I’m not proud of that. Then I caught a glimpse of what that would look like 20 or even 5 years down the track and I knew how miserable and resentful I’d be. I didn’t want that for him but most of all for myself. Love shouldn’t make you pick like that and if it does, it’s not the right one.” We couldn't agree more!

GORDON KOANG - Mal Mi Goa (Ginoli Remix)

The latest cut from the Music In Exile REMIXED series comes in the form of a very special rework indeed. Ginoli, aka James Ireland (Perth-based producer and drummer of Pond), has taken over critically acclaimed artists Gordon Koang's 'Mal Mi Goa' and in doing so has delivered a remix that traverses cultures and genres. Complete with swelling synths and a danceable beat, Koang's original vocals sound as joyful as ever, as does the peculiar sounds of his East African stringed instrument, the thom. If there's one release you should listen to this week, make it this.

ARLO PARKS - Black Dog

Premiering this week as Annie Mac’s ‘Hottest Record’ is always a good sign, and it's absolutely true when it comes to Arlo Parks' new single, 'Black Dog'. All about "the feeling of helplessness that comes along with watching a loved one suffer," it's a beautifully emotional listen and peak into Parks' world. Her voice is so gorgeous over the gentle guitar plucks, 'Black Dog' will have you coming back for more and more.


By this stage, Purple Sneakers is basically a Ninajirachi fan blog - but who can blame us when she's just so damn good? Announcing a new EP today, she returns with another stomping new single titled 'Blumiere' which follows on from previous banger 'Cut The Rope'. Once again using her own vocals for the second time ever, 'Blumiere' represents a new era the Central Coast producer is entering as she flexes her production chops like never before. Booming basslines and skittering synths guide the track into a glitchy breakdown, while her singing provides some slight reprieve before plunging back into the fray. Having existed since 2018, 'Blumiere' is the most crystallised representation of where Ninajirachi is heading with her music - straight to the top!

G FLIP - Hyperfine

G Flip is one of the country's most exciting artists. Expectations for the multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter/producer were high after such a successful year in 2019, and she has well and truly delivered this week with 'Hyperfine'. All about moments when you say you're fine but you're absolutely not, it's a total bop with a hook that will have you singing along within the first listen. Complete with a captivating animated video clip to bring the song to life, 'Hyperfine' is an exciting first release of the year for G Flip and we can't wait to hear more!


This latest single from Baauer doesn't hold back. Taken from his forthcoming new album, Planet's Mad, due out next month on June 5th, he pairs a children's choir with a stomach-flipping drop and never once lets up. It's full throttle from the very start, and an example of Baauer doing what he does best. While in the past he has spent much of his time working collaboratively with other artists, this latest record sees Baauer shifting his focus to solo work and he is now two for two with his releases so far!

ECO$YSTEM - Hop Out (Ft. Dau Dau)

Hailing from Melbourne's 66 Records crew, ECO$YSTEM has teamed up with Swish Music's Dau Dau for a heavy hitter this week titled 'Hop Out'. Both rappers go toe to toe with this one, trading bars over a guttural growl of a beat, proving why they're both set to make their mark on the hip hop map this year. Speaking of his new release, Eco$ystem said, “We both brought our A game to the table and organically made this hit. This song is about hopping out of your comfort zone and letting the rage out no matter who is against you."


One of the country's finest story tellers, Alex the Astronaut had a whole stack of good news for fans this week with a brand new single out today and news that her debut album is on the way, titled The Theory of Absolutely Nothing. Her new single, 'Lost', is a soaring indie tune that pairs Alex's unique vocals with a bright melody to serve as a reassuring smile that it's all going to be okay. ""Lost" is about trying to find your way and fix everything, and the moment where you’ve exhausted all options and have to accept the fact that there is so much that is completely out of your control: sometimes you will just feel lost." We cannot wait for this album!

ROY BLUES - Supernova

Gallery Records' Roy Blues returns this week with a brand new cut titled 'Supernova'. Following on from his debut offering, 'Brainwax', the producer is back for round two with an ambitious eight minute odyssey full of spiritual and enchanting elements. What's described as "a maze of bell chimes, mystic calls and rattling percussion," 'Supernova' is a gripping intergalactic voyage that keeps you on your toes throughout as it effortlessly guides you through its many different parts. From the gentle ebb and flow of its beginnings, the track transforms over and over again as it remains captivatingly unpredictable. Strap in for this one.

Words by Emma Jones

Images: Kllo - Supplied; Wafia - Supplied; Gordon Koang and Ginoli by Duncan Wright.