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Live Review: Jorja Smith, Human Movement, Romy: Best Songs of The Week

2 October 2020 | 11:07 am | Emma Jones

A whole stack of new releases to kick start your weekend including single from Jorja Smith, Human Movement, Romy, COLLAR and more.

Each week, we receive countless submissions of exciting new music, so we’ll be taking you through a weekly wrap up of all our favourite new tunes every Friday called #TrustedForTaste. Follow our Spotify playlist to never miss our updates!

JORJA SMITH - Come Over (Ft. Popcaan)

The incredible Jorja Smith just does not miss, and her latest single is once again a total winner. Tapping Popcaan, the two bounce off each other on this alluring, hypnotic, dancehall/RnB fusion all about the moments when "you’re talking to someone and you can’t tell how much they’re into you and you’re chasing them when – really - it can be straight up and no one should be playing games," according to Smith. Her vocals are impeccable, the animated video is impressive, the beat is immediately addictive and Popcaan proves to be the perfect complement to the song, adding his own signature flair for a complete slam dunk of a new single.

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Sydney underground stalwart Human Movement follows up his explosive previous single, 'Elevate', with another sonic evolution. This time in the form of 'Waiting', this new single sees the dancefloor king sit somewhere between breaks and ambient, gradually building its way from sparse opening moments to an expansive floor filler. 'Waiting' is a considered, refined and carefully curated track which proves Human Movement still has so much to explore — and we're thrilled to be along for the ride.

ROMY - Lifetime

One third of The xxRomy Madley-Croft debuted her long-awaited solo project this week with the swirling rush of 'Lifetime'. Complete with her trademark hushed vocals, the emotional club song is a timeless, euphoric cut all about the yearning to be with our loved ones once more, and the longing we are all experiencing for togetherness and closeness in these strange times. It's powerful in how emotional it is, tapping right into that liberation and elation we miss so dearly, and provides a slice of optimistic dance pop goodness to get us through until we can finally reunite. Turn this one up loud and let it all out.

COLLAR - Strangest Desires

Newly minted duo COLLAR, comprised of producer Charles Murdoch and Spencer White (ex Morning Harvey), arrive this week with a new EP titled Strangest Desires. The title track of this EP is the perfect introduction to the pair, complete with a propulsive, urgent and ominous production underpinning White's dramatic, captivating vocals. It's an immediate plunge into the deep night, utterly immersive and foreboding, making you want to peer through the curtains and take the step into the unknown that lies before you. The entire EP is impressive from start to finish, but 'Strangest Desires' serves as a brilliant and formidable first impression.

CRY CLUB - Lighters

Cry Club unveil another taste of their forthcoming album, God I'm Such A Mess, out November 13 in the form of 'Lighters'. It's a complete flipping of the script from what we've previously heard from the band in the form of a melancholic, stripped back tearjerker. Speaking to the band's versatility and fearlessness to try new things and push themselves, 'Lighters' is Cry Club's most gentle, most vulnerable cut yet.

BEABADOOBEE - How Was Your Day?

Quickly becoming one of our most anticipated album releases of the year, Beabadoobee returns with another sonic switch up on 'How Was Your Day?'. Coming in as a bit of a surprise given the gritty, Hole-inspired previous singles, 'How Was Your Day?' speaks to the impressive versatility of the young superstar-in-waiting, channeling a much softer and tender side than 'Worth It' before it. Lifted from her forthcoming album, Fake It Flowers, due out October 16th, Beabadoobee continues to shine so brightly with this latest release.

CAT & CALMELL - dumbshit

Coming straight out of the gate with one of the best debuts we've heard this year, new Sydney pop duo Cat & Calmell have arrived in style with A Big Pop Moment in 'dumbshit'. It's a near-perfect pop song, complete with anthemic, swelling hooks, gorgeous harmonies, an undeniable melody and some absolutely glorious production to take it all the way. The vocals are heavenly, and their diverse sonic palette sees them merge their multitude of influences from Kali Uchis to The 1975 and Powerpuff Girls to create something seriously special. We can't wait to hear more.

PARTY DOZEN - Scheiße Kunst (Peaking Lights Remix)

Sydney noise duo Party Dozen have tapped Peaking Lights for a maddening dub rework of their song "Scheiße Kunst", lifted from their recent album, Pray For Party Dozen. Following on from a remix of 'Auto Loser' by none other than MogwaiPeaking Lights takes the thick gloom of the original and rebuilds it with a bouncing, incessant bassline, spacey atmospherics and a thudding percussion line to pierce the growing wall of sound. Keeping Kirsty Tickle's vocals (sung through a saxophone bell, as always), her voice rings in and out over the fray. Unhurried, meandering and yet still so commanding, this remix is an unfurling, full-bodied listening experience.


Melbourne based multidisciplinary creative Dugong Jr delivers another taste of his forthcoming new EP, Pleasure Principle, with the soulful, club-oriented new single 'On My Own'. A producer who always does his own thing and rejects traditional genre constraints, Dugong Jr's music always sits in many places at once, and he again opts for a multi-genre hybrid to create something entirely his own. He said of the single, "I guess if you had to describe the sound palette, the vibe I was going for was to create my own interpretation of a track that sits in a space somewhere between Kanye’s 'Flashing Lights' and Sade’s 'No Ordinary Love'," and that's exactly what we're hearing with this vibrant, laidback and infectious new jam.


Melbourne singer-songwriter Sweet Whirl has tapped two formidable producers to remix her single, 'Sweetness'. Releasing the two remixes together, 'Sweetness' is taken over by Otologic's Nick Murray for a downbeat, late night vibe, while Andras shifts the track to new heights with his 'Dub Mix'. It's a gloriously spacious affair, maintaining that precision we love from Andras while also preserving some of Sweet Whirl's original vocals. Perfect for life's slower moments, this Dub Mix is a total dream.


Images: Jorja Smith by Rashidi Noah, Human Movement by @hanslimmer, Romy - supplied