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Live Review: Jorja Smith, Arno Faraji, Two People: Best Songs of The Week

31 July 2020 | 12:21 pm | Emma Jones

Ten new singles from the last week you need in your life including releases from Jorja Smith, Arno Faraji, Two People, Stumps and more!

Each week, we receive countless submissions of exciting new music, so we’ll be taking you through a weekly wrap up of all our favourite new tunes every Friday called #TrustedForTaste. Follow our Spotify playlist to never miss our updates!

JORJA SMITH - By Any Means

Released as part of the Reprise project by Roc Nation, the incredible Jorja Smith returns with 'By Any Means'. Written after inspiration hit following her attendance at a Black Lives Matter rally, it's an absolutely beautiful new single that offers encouragement to listeners to come together and not give up the fight. The Reprise project is a collection of songs that was curated by Roc Nation in an effort to bring awareness to social justice issues, with a portion of the proceeds going to organisations that support victims of police brutality, hate crimes, and other violations of civil rights.

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ARNO FARAJI - Just A Phase (Ft. Two Another)

The king himself Arno Faraji teams up with Two Another for a lush, RnB infused track that has us feeling whisked back to warmer, more carefree times. It's one of those total bops that gets in under your skin, making you feel good inside and out. Lyrically, Faraji takes aim at those hangers-on who come knocking when you've got something good or exciting going on, but instead of feeling down about it, Faraji channels his frustration into acceptance: sometimes people come and go for a reason, and that's totally okay. With a track this smooth, we're totally okay with it too.

TWO PEOPLE - Someone to Serve

Two People have not only dropped a brand new single, but also announced their second album is set for release on August 28th. Sitting somewhere between the glorious, brooding electronica we know and love from them and the almost psychedelic, dystopian sounds of Tame Impala, it's an exciting evolution from a duo who never sit in one place for too long.

STUMPS - Mt. Pleasant

For fans of early Bloc Party or Foals, or perhaps closer to home with Gang Of Youths, the new single from STUMPS hit me like a freight train when I first heard it. Dramatic, heartfelt and immediately captivating, 'Mt. Pleasant' isn't for the faint-hearted. Written "during a particularly drunken, self-loathing night where the idea of self-love seemed an unattainable paradise," the sheer raw emotion is palpable with the slowly building drums, racing guitars and poignant vocals. You get the feeling when listening to this song that this is going to be one of the releases you'll look back on when they're selling out stadiums in a few years time, and we're sure as hell glad to be part of the moment.


Kota Banks keeps up her prolific run lately with another new single this week titled 'Yes'. Taken from her new EP, Sweet & The Spice (also out today), 'Yes' is one of Banks' favourite songs she's ever written and you only need to take one listen to hear why. Future-facing, uplifting and so much fun to listen to, it's everything that makes Banks so exciting. Pop excellence!

ROLAND TINGS - Lights On The Headland

Following on from 'First Wave' released just a couple of weeks ago, Roland Tings is back for more with a driving new single titled 'Lights On The Headland'. With an urgent, propulsive beat and an eclectic collection of samples, Tings lays down another darker, inkier cut than that we heard on his 2019 record, Salt Water. Leaving enough space for you to inject your own feelings into the mix, it's an emotive, transportive track you can't help but get lost in.

ANDRAS - Revegetation Area 2002

It's always a good day when you stumble across a brand new ANDRAS track. Titled 'Revegetation Area 2002', this is another calming, gentle ambient cut from the producer, and would definitely come in handy for many feeling the weight of the world this week. It's so peaceful to listen to, and very much gives you the feeling of yourself undergoing revegetation in a way as you let the captivating keys and rolling drums wash over you. Taken from a forthcoming Public Possession compilation titled Chill Pill II out in late August (info via Resident Advisor here), it's another heavenly slice from Andras!

E^ST - Walking Home In The Rain

Taken from her eagerly anticipated debut album out today, E^ST shares another hard-hitting, shining pop gem in 'Walking Home In The Rain'. She has such an ability to cut right to the core of you with her no-holds-barred approach to songwriting, and this single does exactly that with an uplifting, liberating composition. Eyes closed, hands up, feel it all: E^ST hits it out of the park with this one.

TEISCHA - Be Alone

We've been following Teischa for a while now, so we've become somewhat accustomed to her particular type of indie, electronic-infused pop. So, we sure were surprised when we heard the peculiar, Foley-inspired production and sharp left-turn in her sound with 'Be Alone'. There's nowhere for Teischa to hide on this track, with an eerie piano and subtle acoustic guitar filling out the curious composition, creating the stark space in which her intimate vocals steal the spotlight. It's power lies in how different it is, sounding like nothing else out right now and because of this, we absolutely can't get enough.

YORKE - Gravity

I do love a real Pop Moment, and that's exactly what Yorke is serving up this week with 'Gravity'. She only just released her debut EP a few months ago back in March, but has already returned with a redefined and reinvigorated sense of artistic identity, and on 'Gravity' it shows. The anthemic new single packs so many punches, and you can really hear that untapped confidence and self-actualisation that only experience and life brings. It's a big moment for Yorke, and we cannot wait to hear where she goes from here.

Words by Emma Jones

Images: Jorja Smith by Rashidi Noah, Arno Faraji: Supplied, Two People by Simon Lam