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Live Review: Bacardi's Fuego Revolutions: Prequel offers up his favourite laid back tunes

23 August 2016 | 10:54 am | Emma Jones

With one more instalment of Bacardi's Fuego Revolutions, we asked Prequel to send us a few of his favourite laid back tunes to make us feel good all week!

Fuego Revolutions has been keeping the good people of Melbourne and Sydney boogying all month long this August, and with just one more weekend left, it's set to wrap things up with a bang. The six part event series has been curated to help warm up the final weeks of our winter with good times and good music at Melbourne’s Boney and Sydney’s 77.

Focussing on analogue culture, Fuego Revolutions (brought to you by Bacardi) has played host to some of the world's best DJs across both cities, including international headliners FunkinEven (Steven Julien), Damiano Von Erckert and Darshan Jesrani (Metro Area). However, there have also been a solid presence of local talent as well, such as JNETTOtologicEdd Fisher and more.

To celebrate the final instalment of Fuego RevolutionsPrequel has sent us a playlist full of laid back jams overflowing with feel-good vibes. Having just dropped his latest release, Freedom Jazz Dance last week, Prequel is grinding hard to make a name for himself.

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Set to bring these vibes to Boney, Melbourne this Friday night, Prequel is a promising one to watch in Australia's dance scene, and you can catch him in all his glory this Friday night, thanks to Bacardi's Fuego Revolutions!

Hidden Spheres - 'Well Well'

Absolute beauty of a tune. The piano glides effortlessly through the song and the vocal refrains are simple and very pretty. Got a great video clip too!

Steven Julien – 'XL'

My home girl Anu played this for me in London a few weeks ago and I immediately fell in love with it. His whole new album is really good too. This song features a flip of a very famous hip-hop sample.

Billy Davis – 'Problem' (feat. Allysha Joy)

This whole release is super tidy but this track really stood out for me. Featuring my homie Allysha Joy from 30/70 who has the voice of an angel. Billy is getting a lot of attention after this release and rightfully so!

Seven Davis Jr – 'Church'

This one is a few months old but I still love it and have found myself playing it out a lot. Classic Sevs vibes, fast, percussive, bubbling bass line and his signature vocals over the top.

Twinn Konnexion – 'Don’t Fight The Love'

My man from Sydney Alex D aka The Boogie Monster hipped me to this. Killer boogie. Copped on 45, get one if you can find it. TIP!

Moony Me - 'Closer'

Came across this whilst scrolling through one of my favourite music blogs Stamp The Wax. Never heard of this guy before but his productions are right up my alley, on the jazz tip! Pretty chords throughout and a build that is in no hurry. Those little string samples coming in and out are also beautiful.

Andrés – 'Mighty Tribe'

Andrés rarely disappoints. Got a bit of a latin ting going on here and a little vocal sample referencing Dilla’s Donuts. Perfectly chopped sample as always.

Neue Grafik - 'Sorcier'

Neue was at a festival I played just outside of Paris a few weeks ago and came and gave me some of his stuff on vinyl. Think I’ve played this in every set I’ve done since. Absolutely smokin’

Scott Grooves - 'Side A 2 Finished'

My homie Edd Fisher and I were doing some record shopping at Sound Metaphors in Berlin recently and he pulled this out and was like, "Dude, if you don’t have this you need to get it now." So I listened to it and bought it right away. Thanks Edd!

Jeff Floyd – 'Don’t Leave Me'

Shouts to Beans (Chaos In The CBD) and Yam Records Peckham for showing me this. Absolute feel good choon and puts a smile on my face every time I play it. I hope it does the same for you.

Week Four

Friday 26th August, 9pm – late @ Boney

Darshan Jesrani (Metro Area), Andee Frost, Prequel and Jamie Bennett

Saturday 27th August, 9pm – 3am @ 77

Darshan Jesrani (Metro Area), Kali, Love Bombs and The Original Roman