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Live Review: Ariela Jacobs shines bright on the stunning 'Dare You To Run'

4 October 2017 | 9:55 am | Camilla Patini

Melbourne-based singer songwriter Ariela Jacobs possesses a crystalline voice so pure that it has brought crowds at her live shows to tears and sent goosebumps running down their spines. You can hear those same stunning vocals yourself on ‘Dare You To Run’ off her new EP of the same name.

‘Dare You To Run’ is a beautiful and heartfelt song with a sombre tone, about what we can assume are the pains of love. Coming in at just under four minutes, it dispenses a melody that is bittersweet and relatable, with a delicate sound that will easily make its way into the hearts of poetic teenagers (and adults). The intro is anchored by some beautiful classically trained piano playing, while Jacobs' voice is lovely when complemented by a melancholic guitar riff later on in the track.

Jacobs' vocals throughout are notable for their searing and intense honesty. The simplicity and elegance of the production makes for close and intimate listening, too; it is as if Jacobs recorded this singing alone in her bedroom or to a select audience of few. The closing lyrics – 'It's not all said and done' – leave us hanging and wanting more, denying us the emotional and sonic resolution we were so hoping for.

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