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Live Review: Aphir drops stunning, glittery gem with 'Deeper In'

8 February 2017 | 7:50 am | Jackson Langford

From the opening, choral harmonies of the new tune from APHIR, titled 'Deeper In', you know that you're in for a sonic treat of mega proportions. Aphir, otherwise known as Becki Whitton, is a true one-woman band wearing as many hats as she can - she writes, produces, mixes and masters all her own music. We're not saying collaboration is a bad thing, but if Aphir and Aphir alone are producing something this breathtaking everyone else should just back off. Let the genius do her thing.

'Deeper In', which is a cut from her forthcoming record Twin Earth, is a subdued yet glittery number that infuses the emotion of Lana Del Rey, the poise of Kelela, and the quiet confidence of Syd but emerges a sound that is all Aphir. It floats ethereally from start to finish, almost making you feel like you're floating yourself.

It's, apparently, one of the oldest songs that are featured on Twin Earth. "Deeper In is one of the oldest tracks from the album - I wrote it and recorded a rough demo back in 2015 when I first started putting songs together for the record," says Aphir of the song. "Most of the vocal samples are first-take originals from the demo because all the re-records I tried to do just didn't feel quite right."

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She goes on to say how exactly the production of this song influenced the entire album.

"This was probably the first song I wrote where I felt like the production sounded like me...this song is still kind of magic for me because it really formed the gateway for me to have the confidence to write the whole album."